Business Chic x STREAT 010

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead Who knew that grabbing a coffee for yourself … [Read more...]

Shoesday: Búl Clothing Sho..

business chic grey boots khaki navy

While by the time this post goes live, it's likely that the weather will be otherwise - please trust me when I say that there was this moment last week when the weather was cold, wet and grey. On one … [Read more...]

Street style: March in Melb..

Polished Flinders Street 124

As per popular request, here is a line-up of chic folk getting about their business in the city of Melbourne. Sign up for the Business Chic … [Read more...]

My style: Oncewas dress wor..

once was sl eclipse dress with heels 046

Have a number of work and play events to go to and want a clever garment that you can dress up and down? Today we take a look at a piece that has won me over with its multi-functional … [Read more...]

Runway Inspiration: 2015 VA..

vamff 2015 runway 2 gorman 380

The 2015 Virgin Australian Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) Premium Runway shows provided a showcase of the Autumn/Winter styles rolling into stores now. Get yourself a coffee and sit back for your … [Read more...]

Style Diary: Week in the li..

busichic x alana kushnir  019

Greetings BusiChic! Welcome to a new week of BusinessChic where I'll be changing the pace and moving to publishing three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I realise that you live busy … [Read more...]

Thoughts: Creativity and Bu..

catherine baba vamff 2015 sq

VAMFF 2015 has been a whirlwind week of fashion, business and play. Here is a selection of photos this week as I allow the dust to settle and prepare a look at the sartorial highlights for you which … [Read more...]

Eat: Breakfast at Arbory Ba..

business chic arbory coffee 040

I first heard about Arbory Bar & Eatery at Yelp Melbourne's 10th Birthday event in August last year where the yet-to-be-open venue whetted appetites with freshly shucked oysters and equally … [Read more...]

VAMFF 2015 Street Style Par..

vamff street style 056

  In previous years, I titled each street style post "Day One", "Day Two" etc however considering that the shows started on the weekend, Tuesday was actually technically "Day Four" - so for … [Read more...]

VAMFF 2015 Street style

vamff street style culottes 011

The VAMFF Runway shows are on this week which is an exciting time for a street style photographer. While I usually spend time scouting the streets of Melbourne for stylish workers, for one week only, … [Read more...]

Event: Awesome Melbourne Fo..

awesome melbourne foundation 029

Today we pay a visit to one of my most favourite boards in Melbourne, The Awesome Foundation Melbourne, an invitation to their upcoming party and how you can get in on the action! Have you ever … [Read more...]

My style: Up and Go

jam jar smoothie ingredients 028

Are you a morning person? I am most certainly not and while I enjoy digging into something decadent and delicious for brunch on the weekend, during the week I need quick and easy to fuel the start of … [Read more...]

Street style: Coffee break

melbourne workers coffee run 077

One of my favourite scenes - workers taking time out to get a coffee... Where do you work? And where's your favourite local to get your morning coffee?   … [Read more...]

Street style: Luciana of Lu..

BusiChic x Luci Lilt Blog 239

Is it just me or are there lots of great people around doing interesting things? I don't think that you need to kick your day-job to be interesting and from personal experience, starting a blog is … [Read more...]

Shoesday: Loafers for produ..

business chic loafers for busy people post

Looking for ways to cut down on the time it takes to get dressed and out the door? The original slip-on shoe may be the solution for you. Features & Benefits Whether you're opting for a … [Read more...]

My style: Raggatt Cape Top

busichic outfit Raggatt Cape Top silver bow belt pin stripe pants

We have reached the end of the first week of Autumn and are in the midst of a whole bunch of sales! Still looking for a sale to click through? One of the best is on now - ShopBop … [Read more...]

Event: Clothing Exchange at..

clothing ex vamff 2015 panel by cheryl lin 1

The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) Cultural Program is now on and I am excited to be on a panel hosted by The Clothing Exchange on next week. My first fashion sustainability … [Read more...]

Street style: Pops of colou..

hot pink hair womansmoker laneway

It's Autumn now and the leaves on deciduous trees are changing colour. However in some parts of the city there aren't any trees in which case it falls to people and the streets themselves to be the … [Read more...]

Do you hear the Clothing Si..

Creative office style with print culottes and coatigen square

Usually on Tuesdays I feature an item that I think that you should consider buying if you are interested in making chic updates to your work wardrobe. In today's post however I'd like to have a little … [Read more...]

Corporate style and the Pri..

pride tree at nab village docklands

One of the things that I most love about my co-working space is being surrounded by self-starters and their work. People who have a passion and are firing ahead, guns ablazing to get their projects … [Read more...]

My style: Pastel and prints

busichic pastel print street art

As much as I can appreciate the cleanliness of a minimal palette, my natural inclination is to wear print and quite frankly; the more the merrier! I missed out on showing the heel of my … [Read more...]

Sale: Magic Designer Sale


I love a good sale and I'll bet my favourite socks that I'm not the only one! The Magic Designer Sale is on this weekend and one I highly recommend as it features a gamut of wonderful local labels, … [Read more...]

Street style: Coffee in the..

coffee laneway melbourne

Melbourne is known for its laneways but I recently realised that I've fallen into a rut of sorts; I've been sticking to the ones I already know. So one morning I decided to cut through a different … [Read more...]

Now Trending: Capes from Co..

business chic cape instagram

Long-time BusiChics will know that I am partial to a good cape. So you can imagine my excitement when Michael Kors sent a number of incredibly chic coat variations down the runway as part of his … [Read more...]

Street style: Summer in the..

summer work style docklands melbourne

We're in the last few weeks of Summer but with some luck there will be a few more hot weather spells ahead of us. To prepare, here are two friends I photographed sporting some great summery Smart … [Read more...]

PauseFest 2015

photo 2

So for those who don't know, one of the things that I most like doing is helping people make their events happen. If you have ever had an event where you've thought - "I need to clone myself so that I … [Read more...]

When a well-rounded man is ..

Matt Mullenweg

Style and what we wear has traditionally been seen as a frivolous frippery that belongs to the domain of women. However in more recent times - say the last five years - or so it can be seen that men … [Read more...]

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