An update on me

Dearest BusiChics,

I must apologise for having started back this year so unreliably. I did have a series of posts ready to go but they haven’t felt *right* to post just yet – instead I’ve had big ideas of what I want to write about in terms of work wear fashion but am now realising I haven’t dedicated as much time as I need to realise this pieces (i.e. research !!).

Thanks to all of you who have been following and supporting my journey. Regular BusiChics will recall that I quit my job late last year to pursue my deep-down-love for fashion writing and styling. When I was setting my goals for 2014, I came across this piece , Forget Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead, that Valerie Khoo tweeted which talks about setting habits rather than goals. The argument is if you make the time to do the activity, you’ll have the time to work on it and actually achieve the goal. So here is an update on what I’ve been making time for instead of blogging for you (SORRY)!

Cheryl Lin AWC Blogging for Beginners

Creative workwear! Presenting at the Australian Writers’ Centre allows me to dress like myself really!

Australian Writers’ Centre

I am now teaching the Blogging for Beginners at the Australian Writers’ Centre which I am absolutely loving. Seriously the realisation that I am helping other people get started on their blogging journey is wonderful! I find it so inspiring and a great way of keeping my passion for blogging alive – can you believe that my blog will be four this coming March! If you are thinking of starting up your own blog and need a guiding hand – here’s the link to find out more.

As a past student of the Australian Writers’ Centre myself (I did the wonderful Feature Writing for Magazines and Newspapers course), I am setting aside time to pitch articles to magazines and newspapers. I am extremely nervous about this process as like a lot of people – I don’t like rejection! However after reading Alison Tait’s eBook, Get Paid to Write – The secrets of freelance writing success, I realise that while a fear of rejection is perfectly natural – I need to get over it and just start pitching! Like Kate Morris from Adore Beauty says, “feel the fear but do it anyway.” Good advice, now to implement!

Melbourne in Fashion Cheryl Lin Meagan Harding Summer headshot

Melbourne in Fashion

Have you heard about the Melbourne in Fashion podcast? I co-host with my good friend, Meagan Harding (who also has a great blog called Style Farm), where we chat about the fashion we love in Melbourne – there is so much of it!  We have had some GREAT guests on the show to date and we are currently planning our schedule over March to co-incide with the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. It is such a privilege to get to interview some wonderful folks who are a wealth of knowledge and highly entertaining – they each need their own radio stations! Meagan and I also podcast our chats where we share our advice/random segues and lots of laughs – do tune in and let me know what you think!

The Melbourne in Fashion podcast is also available via iTunes.

letterpress wedding invitation detail

Wedding planning

OMG Wedding planning! My fiancé and I are well into the swing of things now that we are well less than 100 days away! We’re working with some beautiful suppliers to realise our big day and I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have such a patient and pro-active man by my side – even if we did spend what felt like FOREVER trying to find wedding invitations that we both liked! We’ve actually still got quite a lot of prep to go but I’m well underway with my physical prep! I started on a regime of specialist skincare and treatments just before Christmas and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results – my skin is looking so much clearer and brighter! We’ve also increased the number of runs and Pilates (althought I’ve also just started BARRE – omg this hurts/releases endorphins!) classes we do each week in order to get into our best shape for the big day. How did you get ready for your wedding day?

Speaking of luck, did you know that I won a Prada handbag through a Facebook competition! I couldn’t believe it when I got the call. If you didn’t get the BusiChic newsletter (sign up!), I also shared the details of the competition over on the BusinessChic Facebook page.

Whoa that is a lot about me! How’s your start to 2014?

PS: I am now running out to go find folks to photograph – where are you?

Update: omg why is it raining torrentially?!

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    1. I just listened to Melbourne in fashion the other day! I found it on iTunes while looking for fashion podcasts (there aren’t many) and didn’t realise it was you until you referred to the blog! I thought ‘I should email her and tell her to promote this more…’ then completely forgot about it. anyway, I really liked listening and I’ve subscribed so looking forward to more!

      • Oh wow, thanks for your feedback, Ali! I always feel funny about “promoting” but we do love doing our little podcast so I’ll take your comments on board and start sharing it a bit more here- after all we do interview some of fashion’s most interesting workers! 😉

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