Read: ManRepeller, The Collective, #GirlBoss

It’s winter proper which means I love few things less than curling up on the couch with a good read.
Here’s a look at some reads that are inspiring me in work, style and life right now:

business chic reading


I’m not a Nasty Gal customer but I am impressed by CEO Sophia Amoruso’s story of how she went from thief to chief of this online company that turns over a hundred million dollars in revenue. Oh and she’s 30. Respect!

Her biography is for anyone who has ever felt that they didn’t belong in society  or more simply, their job. Her writing is conversational in tone, making you feel like you’re getting the low-down from your best girlfriend.  She shares valuable lessons from her various perspectives: as a self-confessed disinterested employee (she started her first online business by browsing the internet on company time); to an employer looking for high-performing talent who will work as hard as she has to join her company; and finally as CEO who is unafraid to ask “dumb” questions if it helps her make better decisions in her business. She implores readers to want more for themselves and to harness entrepreneurial skills in their every day lives. Her story is highlighted with inspirational quotes from the likes of like Steve Jobs to Wreck-It Ralph as well as case-studies from fellow girl bosses. It’s a wonderful movement and I so hope more gals get on it – to the extent that I kinda wish I could buy this book for everyone I know.

Get your #GIRLBOSS on here:

Man Repeller: Seeking overalls. Finding love.

I hope I’m not the only one when I say how encouraged I am by the success of Leandra Medine who blogs with great humour and originality over at Man Repeller. See if you relate by taking the quiz here.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading her biography- unlike other blogger books like Not Quite Nigella, she doesn’t talk about how she built her blog but she still gives readers a wonderful insight into her personal world. If like me, you sometimes feel so awkward that you start to wonder whether the man of your dreams could ever love you back – her book is for you. She encourages her readers to keep being Man Repellers- women who develop love and respect for themselves by enjoying dressing for themselves. I’m totally a man repeller who found my dream-guy by being nothing but myself so I give this book a thumbs up.

Get your Man Repeller on here:

The Collective

Want to hear from thought leaders in business, well-being and style, in style? Check out their instagram @CollectiveHub for examples of how they do this- inspirational quotes delivered using schmick typography. I’m holding an earlier issue in these photos, current issue has Blondie on the cover and she’s wearing a tux. It’s killer.

I really like this magazine. So much so that when I go  to a friend’s place, I will pick up a bottle of wine and this mag to gift to the host.

Check it out:


business chic amor lux breton stripes

What I’m wearing: breton stripe top by amor lux from The Standard Store (thanks to fellow permalancer Emma for the heads up on these beauties!), pinstripe pants from previous season ASOS (yes I get lots of mileage out of these!), Bared Footwear silver Penguin shoes, clutch by Micky and the Van – read my review of a presentation given by this beautiful little label over on!


What have you been reading?

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    1. I’ve been looking forward to reading all of these. Should really pick one up 🙂

    2. I love love love loved Girl Boss. I’ve been a colour-in-between-the-lines kinda girl my whole life with regards to ‘career’ and success, but I loved Sophia’s super honest opinions and advice. Great book!

    3. I downloaded #Girlboss to my Kindle and will be reading that one next. Love the Collective; it’s one of the best magazines I’ve read (and I go through a LOT of mags) with such inspiring stories.

      PS: Gorgeous photo, girl! 😉

    4. Awesom review! My business partner Philomena and I have just started reading girlboss! Very inspiring, and while she’s got a totally different personality to me there is definitely lots to learn about following your dreams with guts! Will need to check out Man Repeller and The Collective too, they look awesome!

      • ” while she’s got a totally different personality to me there is definitely lots to learn about following your dreams with guts”
        I so hear you, melissa! There were so many things that I felt I could apply to different facets of my life – so good! Hope you get to check out the others and let me know what you think!

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