Is a man in your life doing Movember?

Dearest BusiChic,

There’s something that I’ve been struggling whether to write about and share with you.

And it’s about my husband. And my brother. Two blokes I love dearly.

(Can you see how much I’m struggling to say this?)


Hey bro, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Photo: Farrah Allan

Well, I’ll come out and say it- they are both doing Movember.


If you hadn’t heard of it, Movember it’s a fundraising initiative where over the month of November, men raise funds for men’s health programs- specifically mental health and research into cancers that affect men like prostate and testicular cancer.

The cause asks men to do this by growing a moustache and lots of men use it as an opportunity to grow terrible, terrible looking mo’s; my husband and brother included.

In the past I’ve showed my support by photographing men partaking in Movember but it’s only this year that I think I’ve fully appreciated the value of the Movember. I used to simply think that the mo’s looked great but I’ve been surprised this year – just how much I’ve struggled seeing my husband grow his mo’. And herein lies the genius of Movember – it’s made me realise how as much as I can’t stand seeing these terrible moustaches on my loved ones, it’d be so much worse to see them deal with mental health or cancer.

So go, bros!

busichic timrodsted

Tim has been sharing updates on his Movember page should you wish to check it out the extent of his mo’!

If you’re taking part in Movember, please feel free to share your link in comments below! Anyone else going to the Movember gala tomorrow night? 


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