The slimline and racy

I recently mentioned that my brother is the one who got me interested in blogging because I enjoyed his cycling blog. Turns out he closed down i feel like a little kid (when i ride my bike) just … [Read more...]

Sartorial on the streets of Melbourne

So The Sartorialist, Scott Schumann, has a new book out. Or should I say, "books"? I remember coming across The Sartorialist for the first time. Working back late in my office cubicle, I can … [Read more...]

Man in suit, wears hat.

Greetings BusiChic, The weather is getting warmer and sunnier here in Melbourne; hurrah! Which is why I much appreciate Tyler who allowed me to photograph what I've categorised as Polished and … [Read more...]

How-to: Business Casual vs Smart Casual

Dearest BusiChic, The term "Business Casual" is one of those workplace dresscodes that make me want to punch something with frustration. Back in a previous worklife, I used to organise social … [Read more...]

Do I have to wear a tie to work?

Greetings BusiChic, Today's workwear streetstyle look reminded me of a question that I'm often asked by my styling clients that goes something like this: "I work in Finance/Real Estate/ Accounting … [Read more...]

Always the gentleman

Long-time readers of BusiChic may recall Veselin whom I photographed and featured in the post, "The Man Who Gave Me Flowers". If you don't know the story; I do suggest that you catch up on that post … [Read more...]

The SmartBar Music Man

One of the key factors that differentiates the Melbourne Museum SmartBar event from the regular museum visit is the presence of a DJ. Responsible for the music on the night was one Andy McClelland, … [Read more...]

Accessorising with fingerless gloves (gents)

It's Winter here in Melbourne and goodness are the mornings chilly! I see folks on their way to work, warming their hands on takeaway coffees or tucked into gloves. Today's Contemporary Business … [Read more...]

Tie in the love for tennis

Sport. After spending the day at one's desk with minimal movement, there are few things I appreciate more than escaping by watching Wimbledon (commiserations, Murray!) or following the Tour de France. … [Read more...]

A tailor-made suit in Sydney

Greetings BusiChic, I hope that you had a great weekend! From the low temperatures and heavy downpours we had down here in Melbourne, I think it's safe to say that the cold has set in! Normally, … [Read more...]

Melbourne Insights

Melbourne. It's my city and I love sharing it! Something that I don't believe I've shared here on BusiChic before is the freelance work I do holding tours around Melbourne's fashion precincts. … [Read more...]

Walk the park

So dear BusiChic, it's Monday. Let's start the week fresh with a walk in the park with BusiChic Tom. Feeling foggy? Well let's take a closer look at the detail Tom's used to create a polished … [Read more...]

Dr Froth, Bubbleologist

I have some interesting friends like bubbleologist, Andrew Suttar, who goes by the stage name of "Dr Froth." Andrew brings out the inner child in his audience by his mesmerising work with bubbles. … [Read more...]

The blazer

It's (finally) Friday! A day that is typically an opportunity to dress down in the office. Regular BusiChics will know that I like to advocate experimenting with Polished style rather than going super … [Read more...]

The coat

Yes, I have photographed today's BusiChic before: here, here in his sneakers and here. However when I saw this fabulous winter coat, I had to photograph Richard … [Read more...]

In broad daylight

Rex wears Tom Ford specs, Louis Vuitton shoes, accessories (belt, tie, bracelet and ring) and Zara trench. … [Read more...]

Business man wears an Akubra

Greetings BusiChic, Welcome to a new working week - I hope that you're refreshed and ready for some business chic inspiration! Today's post is not supposed to be an advert for Akubra but you … [Read more...]

[Fashion] Editor style: The Australian

Dearest BusiChic, Melburnians are enjoying a public holiday today, of which I will be spending the early hours cycling in the Moomba parade (more on that later)! Nonetheless, the rest of Australia … [Read more...]

The full work look

Thank goodness it's Friday! I'm tying off this week with a post that I featured earlier this week showing my colleague Richard pairing stylish sneakers with his suit. I loved the feedback that I … [Read more...]

Walk to work in all of the sneakers

I was telling a friend over the weekend about how I've bought a sneaker colouring book. It's a book full of illustrations of designer sneakers. My plan is to ask the children of my friends to colour … [Read more...]

The uniform at Team Telstra

Good Morning, BusiChic! Welcome to a brand new working week! Today I'm sharing the workwear style of some gents in uniform. That's right. However it's the uniform of a telco. I know - I was just … [Read more...]

Coffee and the Corporate

Mmm coffee. Personally I love the stuff but think that I need to stop drinking it or start on decaf as I've noticed that caffeine makes me rather jumpy! How do you take your coffee? Today's … [Read more...]

A turn at the train crossing

BusinessChic - does the daily dose of workwear inspiration work as well without my usual comments on the little details that catch my eye? I'm experimenting with some new platforms to improve … [Read more...]

His & Hers

Happy Monday, BusiChic! I'm off on a wee holiday at the end of this week so I'm not going to get too down on the fact that a whole lot of folks I've photographed have not gotten back to me with the … [Read more...]

Clash of the vibrant prints

It's Friday and what better day then to share these images of a Creative sporting strong prints, a classic blazer and a pocket square?     Smart Casual folks may wish to … [Read more...]

Coffee to go

When I first started BusinessChic, I envisaged lots of things. One of the things was to tie in my interest in food with the website by having a "chalkboard" of sorts up on the blog where I'd advertise … [Read more...]

The short-sleeved shirt

What is a busy bloke to wear in the sweltering heat of summer? If you are a Corporate in a conservative environment, might I suggest that you wear a lighter weight fabric suit and get to work … [Read more...]

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