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Many thanks to those who have emailed me feedback on my first entries on – I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts and hope you keep it up! Creating this site has given me a great excuse to approach people, whose style catches my eye, to find out where they got their great shoes/shirt/lippy.. and Mr Mayor, in light of the public outcry over violence in the CBD, I am pleased to note that so far my approaches have not resulted in any like action against myself- yay! Now, based on some of your comments, I thought I should explain why I started this “fashion-for-professionals” blog and opened with these particular photographs of Jane (Transeasonal Chic) and Edwin (Attention to detail)..

My name is Cheryl and I love a fashion magazine.. but as much as I love following the beautiful work Alber Elbaz is creating for Lanvin, seeing what Chloe Sevigny is wearing or working out how I can justify purchasing one of Michelle Jank’s mindblowingly gorgeous neckpieces*, my interest is especially piqued when I pick up a mag that has a headline like ‘101 looks for the office’ because quite frankly, sometimes I get quite stuck deciding what to wear in the morning. More often than not however, I get frustrated… for while the looks are usually fashion-forward and interesting, they tend to be less practical or appropriate for the office environment where you want to be taken seriously. To achieve this, one needs something that is ‘business chic’… which has been defined in various mags in a number of ways but for me means a professional look that is both practical and displays a sense of good taste (and bonus points awarded for personality)… and as an avid eBayer/fleamarket-lover/opp-shopper, I am a firm believer that chic can be achieved on all budgets and that this is not always reflected in the mags**…

I believe that the best inspiration for business chic is already on the streets of Melbourne which I will try to catalogue here in my entries on This site will feature my photographs of professionals reflecting a range of workplace dress codes***. There will be Corporate for whom suits are de rigeur… Polished, for those who don’t have to wear a suit but still need to present a polished look.. and finally, Contemporary Business Wear will be the broadest category ranging from those in classically reliable but toned-down outfits (i.e. when compared with Corporate/Polished) to those who are on-trend or able to display their own individual flair within the boundaries prescribed by workplace appropriateness and OH&S requirements.  Oh and while I’ve stopped them to photograph, where possible I’ve also conducted mini-interviews to ask Melbourne-oriented questions such as “where’s your favourite place for coffee?” I hope that readers will enjoy the results.. 

Jane and Edwin are good examples of classic ensembles that are appropriate for the client-facing professional working in a corporate/polished environment, yet have details which set them apart from the generic ‘suit’ (which is the really tricky part). For me, Edwin’s tie (no label) provides a smart splash of colour that contrasts nicely with the blues of his shirt and suit.. which in themselves, combined together, create a pleasing depth of colour.. I appreciate Jane’s effortless elegance and especially enjoy the little gold accents on the back of her deliciously glossy patent leather pumps.. ‘delicious’ to the eye but also perhaps because the overall effect reminds me of the goldleaf detail on a dark chocolate eclair from Fauchon I enjoyed during a picnic in Paris a summer too long ago! Delectable dessert aside (I only ate one…), their clothes are particularly well-cut and set off with quality accessories in shapes and materials that are pleasing to the eye… Now, I am a big believer that you don’t need to spend big bucks to look the part but these looks do incorporate some seriously sweet confections, or as a girlfriend of mine likes to call them, ‘heirloom pieces’. Jane’s LV bucket bag and heels are timeless and I believe that a well-made pair of shoes is imperative both for one’s comfort and to complete a polished look. Edwin’s IWC Big Pilot watch and coordinating cuffs are beautifully-designed pieces which I assume are also well-weighted and means they would be satisfying for him to wear. And in summing up, his Tom Ford glasses are just the schizzle.. I mean has anyone seen Ford’s film A Single Man just yet? well I haven’t either.. but I did watch Margaret&David’s review on said film and Colin Firth’s frames are stylistically hot… or is the Firth that is bringing the hot? Well either way, farewell Mr Darcy and hello Professor! 

Until my next post, I’ll leave you with this photograph – a snap of me in my favourite Vivienne Westwood for Melissas… they’re not exactly chic and they smell like blueberries (but sadly for me, really artificial ones !) but if there’s anything I’ve learnt from my time reading the weekend liftout mags, sometimes with fashion****, it’s important to have fun!

* I could wear this on a Thursday with a simple black knit and pencil skirt or pant; a great piece to take me from the office and out to dinner…non?
**nor at all in my first two entries here, but I promise this goal of mine will soon be achieved.

*** I am not a professional photographer or website developer, so any tips/comments on the like are also welcome to aid my development and your viewing pleasure!
****unless you’re Anna Wintour – yikes!


  1. Your blog is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Please keep it up 🙂

    • CTSB – thank you for your encouragement. It has been a busy time workin’ and a postin’…but I figure, if the rest of my readers are gonna be at work all day, then I’d like to be able to provide some respite… please keep letting me know how you think I’m going!

  2. Hey Cheryl,
    I see your blog has developed quite a fair bit in the past few days – I love it! You have a great sense for fashion and style.

    • Hi Christina, thank you for your comment and glad that you’re liking the evolution of this blog! It’s going as slowly as I can work out how to use things (like twitter… which just isn’t letting me register my mobile# atm!!) but I’m excited to have you on the journey! I love your blog too, an informative investment strategy site with a personal voice – I can’t wait until you release your eBook!! xox

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