Destination 90s (Channel 31)

Because when I’m not working full-time as a Senior Internal Auditor.. or photographing, writing and publishing for BusinessChic.. I’m working a sweet little gig presenting a short segment called “90s Child” on Channel 31’s new show, “Destination 90s” – a tribute show to life & music of that decade which premiered just this Monday gone past and will be shown every Monday from hereon at 9.30pm.. and because I tell every new make up artist, guest and crew member about BC and why I’ll now only wear Melissa shoes on set.. here is my BC tribute to D90s!!

Dear reader, I hope you’ll enjoy these behind-the-scenes snaps I took on my iPhone from tonight’s shoot of D90s Episode 4 where Adam Thompson (perhaps best know as frontman of that great 90s band, Chocolate Starfish) performed “Mountain” and his cover of “You’re So Vain” – which was unbelievably magic stuff.. topped off only by the wonderful initiative, MusoMagic he has founded  as a response to his distaste for Australian Idol.. and the inspiring and eloquent interview he gave to D90s intrepid producer and host, Caitlin Jolly… This week, Graeme and I joined the cast as presenters and we wrapped up early enough to permit most of the crew to get together and have a celebratory drink at the pub!

Regular BC programming will resume shortly..

and I realise now that I didn’t get to photographing the brain (aka control) room – but I promise that I’ll get you guys next week! xox

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