End of week delights…

A sunny 30 degrees one day and then cloudy with showers the next… and so goes the weather pattern in this great city. In this BusinessChic.com.au entry we feature some Contemporary Business Wear looks that are appropriate for these turbulent times. We have two dresses whose discerning owners will find themselves feeling rather justified for purchasing as they’ll undoubtedly prove their worth during this changing of the seasons… and two dashing gentlemen whose looks have been influenced by their respective wonderful women… enjoy!

looking out the window of Someday (Royal Arcade)

 The first sight of Matylda had me positively giddy with delight. The prim & proper dress* emboldened with ribbon trimming was the first thing to catch my eye.. then there was the very carrie b (a la SATC the movie – reminds me of the black belt with bronze studs she wears a lot in the film) inspired headband… and then the free-spirited cuff, bangle and wristbands… and then the SHOES & CLIP-ONS! Golly Matylda! My reaction was such that I probably pounced on the poor girl but rather than running away, she was as she appears; simply lovely.


 headband Diva dress Revival cuff & bracelet gifts bands souvenir from France bag Pianura Studio… I stole it from my mother shoes Target vintage clip-ons eBay

ethnic cuff and colourful bands are a nice way to add a touch of adventure..

delightful vintage clip-ons add interest to a chic & comfy basic

Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your workrobe?  My black Target wedges, from the photo. I bought a bunch of vintage shoe clips to wear from eBay and they are the only plain black shoes I can dress up with the clips. So they certainly do the rounds but are ever so comfy!!

Favourite shops/brands/sites for workwear? Online, I love spending hours on Urbanoutfitters.com and eBay of course, never be scared to buy secondhand I say!  Shop-wise I like Sportsgirl’s great ranges lately, Dangerfield for something edgier, and it’s always worth exploring hidden laneways for great boutiques that stock often one-off, handmade designer pieces.

Our favoured coffee source or lunch/dinner/drink venue (recommend as few or many as you’d like)? I’m a vegeterian and it often gets boring getting quick fixes through sushi or salad. I stumbled across the Soulfood Cafe ( 10 Equitable Lane CBD) and it has an AMAZING range of delicious, healthy and very affordable ( and generously portioned)  food. Highly recommend for those looking for something satistfying, nutritious and very tasty!

*I’m always on the lookout for a transeasonal dress- team with a black knit or skivvy (that’s turtleneck for my american friends) and opaque tights (I’d even say fishnet – but really good quality ones) and you’ve a gorgeously preppy look for coffee around the corner.. but if you do add all this black, don’t forget a bit of coloured lippy or gloss to add some colour… oooh and you could pair with little gloves (like mittens or cropped golf-style ones) and a beret too if it’s really nippy..

Ren & Eliana
Yep, another transeasonal affair! These duo are cute as pie and oh boy, do I like pie! I caught sight of Eliana’s jewel hue from within the elegant frames of Bally and was chuffed when she emerged- to see that her ladylike ensemble came with a coordinating gentleman!

Ren & Eliana

 homme: blazer & shoes purchased in Ginza, Japan  shirt & pants RDX  belt  Jack London

 femme: dress Cue  capelet IDS – borrowed from a friend!  bag vintage fair at the Carlton Club  shoes Target

gentleman&accessories in anything-but-basic black anchor luscious bold colour

a delicate piece of jewellery and gwen-stefani-lady-like make up complete this charming look

earring Baha’i charm

make up note: eyeliner Rimmel  mascara Anna Sui (purchased from Comils World Shop on Bourke Street)  cheeks Elizabeth Arden  lips – sorry I’ve forgotten the name of this one!

And now for someone I know whose quirky style I just had to include… Mathew is not my boss as I do not deal in matters of emissions or bio-sequestration… however I still think he is a great boss. He speaks real good, is family-oriented and shouts drinks for his team members.. and heck shouts drinks for those of us who aren’t even in his team just because he’s that kind of guy. Thanks Mat:)


  glasses Prodesign Denmark shirt Ralph Lauren but my wife Katrina, picked it up in an op shop socks Declic shoes I bought these in Italy

 Quality items with quirky detail..

Quality items with quirky detail..

Favourite shops/brands/sites for workwear? Rhodes and Beckett
Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your workrobe?
My Declic stripy Friday socks
Favoured coffee source or lunch/dinner/drink venue Coffee is Degraves, work lunch is Punch Lane, dinner is St Judes on Brunswick St and drinks is anywhere my friends are

a sign leading you to Someday.. a fabulous shop in the Royal Arcade, past Marais..

On a personal note, I’d like to thank you all for visiting BusinessChic.com.au in the first week of life. It’s been exciting to hear that you’re finding this site useful and I hope that you will help spread the BChic by sharing this link with friends, colleagues and anyone else you think might appreciate or dare I say it, need it (well new grads for instance!)! Special thanks must also go to Christina and Kingsley for getting me started on this journey; Andrew and Janey for loaning me their cameras; Diana and Tristan for cooking me dinner and then teaching me how to use Lightroom until they respectively fell asleep and to my ridiculously patient parents and bro for putting up with me and telling me to get more sleep too (FYI, Sleep Cycle is the best app I’ve ever downloaded). In the meantime, I wish you all a safe and happy long weekend. Good luck to May and Franis who are getting hitched on Sunday. And for those of you lucky enough to have Channel 31 – tune in at 9.30pm on Monday 8th March to watch Destination 90s – a tribute show to that wonderful decade of Brenda&Brendan, The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.. and a show which I’ll be increasingly getting involved in over the coming weeks.. the first episode pays tribute to that wonderful 90s band Ace of Base – I saw the sign! Watch this space…

Good Luck to May & Franis who are getting hitched on Sunday xox


  1. Bernadette says

    I’ve found a great site for shoe clips – check out shoebling.com.au!

  2. Bernadette says

    Congratulations on a great and much needed blog Cheryl. Vintage shoes clips are such a great idea to brighten up a pair of shoes – I am going to check out ebay now, thanks!

  3. Matylda currently plays Mink on Home & Away (in case you didn’t realise!) Love her outfit, it’s amazing.

    • I didn’t realise, thanks for letting me know Briony! But I also do love her style and as soon as I have a sneaky spare minute, I’m gonna hop onto eBay to find me some vintage shoe clip-ons.. anyone else??

  4. Hello!
    I found your blog listed on the Vogue Forums
    I really enjoy it so far and am looking forward to more pictures.
    The fashions you’ve featured seem affordable and doable.
    Great work

    • Hi Carly, thanks for your message and the heads up! I do love Vogue and am so flattered that I made the forums – do they like BusinessChic?? I’d love your thoughts ladies & gents! xox

  5. You are most welcome. I think Matylda’s outfit looks so cute. I just got a similar head band for my daughter from Diva last week. Apparently it is a must have hair accessory today. I think the shoe clip ons are such a great idea as well.

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