False start; fun time..

Dear reader, after a fair amount of much ado… Friday night did not go quite the way any Cinderella-wannabe might have expected.. That said, new friends were made, fun times were had and in the end this Cinderella still got to go to a ball.. a pretty sweet series of events indeed! While I work on my LMFF entry, dissecting the goodness that will be on offer to make your officewear a professional but true pleasure.. below is a recap on the events of the weekend starting with “pre-” Runway 7 drinks and dinner at Mark & Ty’s from VMM  .. to a pair of new shoes from my darling bestie and our trip to Magnolia Square market to visit Natasha from Make Me Iconic… and finally, a teaser of the very fabulous LMFF Independent Parade…   

Emergency effort to make up new cards for LMFF resulted in these beautiful babies - the BC ladies are very popular but I think the gents are a rather sweet tribute to alber elbaz of lanvin...

The Shoes   

Because such an event calls for new shoes, I visited Melissa Shoes on Thursday evening to choose a pair of flatties to wear while commuting to LMFF Runway 7. While I missed out on the very Cinderella-esque J. Maskrey Ultra Night Sky (why is my size so popular?!), I was quite taken with the Vivienne Westwood Ultragirl BOW and  Vivienne Westwood Ultragirl STAMP… so rather than choosing, I got both!   

Loving my new Melissa VW Bows - soooo comfortable, cute and not to mention sweetly-scented..

 The Apartment   

I met Mark & Ty from VMM  earlier in the week at the LMFF Fashion & the Law breakfast. The boys were kind enough to answer the call and not only let me use their apartment as a base to get ready after work but also generously cooked up a storm using fresh herbs grown on their balcony.. noice!

Mark & Ty from VMM were kind enough to let me use their place as a base - thanks boys!

Fresh 'erbs

Lam, who had done my makeup on the week’s filming of Destination 90s was kind enough to do my makeup so I’d be all glowy for my first show..

Lam at work - an expedited effort too, thanks Lam!

bon appetit!

Flavour-packed/texture-sensational stuffed mushrooms - this boy can cook!

Love the make up Lam did for me..

Out into the night and to the show!... right?

I’m Late! I’m Late! For a very important date! 

However unlike the White Rabbit, I missed out on my very important date with  L’Oréal Paris Runway 7 ..  Minor detail really which was clarified by Ravi who found me wandering around quite confused… ‘You thought the show was at 7.30pm? Easy mistake to make really; tomorrow it starts at 7.30… tonight it started at 6.30…’   

"well... an easy mistake to make, really" - the very kind Ravi..

I missed the HB show but love the latest cover & the Fashion world's current infatuation with all things Alice..


The After Party   

So it was back to Mark & Ty’s where the boys were very kind to not completely pay me out..! and so we tucked into the mains that Ty had prepared but which we’d not had time to have earlier… and a few cheeky cocktails which were exactly the thing needed to get this Alice back out of the rabbit hole! Thanks boys !

Seafood-risotto-stuffed capsicums & home-made pesto - so good!

Loving the sweet decor..

Ridiculously delicious chilli cocktail

Friends like this
My own place was affected by the massive hailstorm rain that ravaged melbourne not so long ago so I’ve been using this as a wee excuse to make myself comfortable in the homes of various friends (xx!). While sprawling across D’s floor making up new business cards, I went searching through my bag for a red pen and in the process emptied out the entire contents of bag onto her floor.. well, I thought it looked so pretty that I lined things up and decided to catalogue this too.. I love this grey bag (bottom right).. got it for around $60 from Myer – it truly fits everything! I regret not buying two as this one is dying now.. oh and please note my new red Floc Harajukus from Melissa Shoes – D got so sick of hearing me lust after them that she actually bought them for me.. yes, I am very spolit! 

My bag really does fit my whole life in it; sequinned bow-tie anyone?


Magnolia Square Market   

Made a stop at Magnolia Square Market to visit Natasha from Make Me Iconic. The only thing was by the time I got on scene, Natasha’s iconic goods had sold so well that there was not so much for me to photograph ! So do visit the Make Me Iconic online store in order to see more of these beautifully-designed pieces featuring Melbourne favourites that will have you feeling nostalgic..

Natasha from MakeMeIconic - fabulously designed products supporting local talent

Btw, if you haven’t been, do jot this one down as it’s a high-quality craft market worth visiting- Magnolia Square Market. I’ll update this post later with all of the fabulous entrepreunerial women whose products I love and hope to work with over the coming months..

Magnolia Square- gorgeously decked out market with utterly lovely ambience and jam-packed with high quality crafts

Shelley, Paula and Jeanine from Lovely Sweet William

Shabby chic decor at Magnolia Square Market

LMFF Independent Parade – a teaser  

Dear reader, without telling you everything, I’ll let you know that in the end I did manage to make it to a LMFF show.. with a little help of a few friends, of course! Here are some pics from the LMFF Independent Parade to whet your appetite..

Thank you Ravi & AMPR !

Lights - on! Cameras- ready!

Until next time..

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