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  So… I thought it’d be a great idea to attend the LMFF Fashion & the Law breakfast (yay food!) held at Middletons this morning (yay lawyers??)… when I got up at 6am it seemed like a less-than-great idea but the views from Rialto- level 25 were really something… and for someone who suffers from vertigo.. it turned out to be the exact something I needed to keep me from stuffing myself silly in front of the svelte fashion folk*. .. without further ado, here is a recap on a rather informative session in pictorial format-  

Legal & industry panellists offered candid insight... lawyer also provided free breakfast.. thx Middletons.

Fiona (DragginJeans) was a panellist, Chloe (GM for Hussy) an interested party and Kate (Senior Spy for ISpyStyle) an official LMFF blogger..

Fiona: Jacket Pierucci  tee majestic necklace – awesome new US brand, Queen Baby  Jeans Draggin Jeans Shoes Chanel BusiChic – I apologise to readers for not photographing Fiona’s shoes, they were gorgeous…!  

Chloe (music warning if you click on Chloe at work!): outfit Hussy bag (what a stunner!) from the UK  bracelets Swarovski bracelet, Dior bracelet shoes Hussy wedges! 

Busichic – Chloe is from Sydney and has taken the time to provide some responses for our Sydney-siders, thanks Chloe (and I hope you make it to Cumulus Inc)!

Favourite shops/brands/websites for workwear  Oooh working for one of the best Australian labels my wardrobe is FULL of Hussy! I find it fantastic for day into night as it’s super flattering and really colourful. Everyone always asks what I’m wearing, it’s part of being a true HUSSY!
Most hardworking accessory in your workrobe The Dior bracelet my husband bought me from Paris. Not only does it have great memories, but it’s subtle enough for a statement piece for a beautiful dinner, or ties in perfectly to lots of other bling for the over accessorised look.
Skincare or cosmetics that perform well for you Lancome moisturiser is a must when I’m travelling, and I’m a HUGE fan of Laura Mercier cosmetics.
Your hairdresser/colourist/stylist Michael Brennan at Valonz just gave me a great chop from LMFF. He’s a great talent.
Your inspirations for work attire/style The Hussy clothes speak for themselves and are really easy to dress up or down. In our industry there are a lot of post work events so I find Hussy feminine and comfortable for work, then paired with a pair of killer heels and a belt – it transforms easily into a great look for the evening.
Publications/sites you like for updates in your industry or just find interesting
I’m just getting into the blogging world and really love that free flow of information on the internet. I’m still a big fan of Harpers, Vogue Entertaining and Travel – and for that Sunday afternoon hammock read, Notebook!
Your favoured coffee source or lunch/dinner/drink venue (recommend as few or many as you’d like)
As long as it’s Vittoria coffee I’m there. Winn at Heely Street Cafe in Sydney is also one of the nicest people in the world to make a great coffee! Buzo in Sydney is my current favourite restaurant, they’ve really changed their menu and it’s divine! I love Ecuchina in Melbourne also. Naturally, everything is procured from the owner’s grandfather’s vineyard in Pulia……!!
A reliable tailor/shoe repairer you can recommend Michael’s Shoe Repairs in the Oxford Mall in Sydney is great for any shoe repairs and The Emergency Button has the best tailoring service in Double Bay 

I didn't take the train this morning but wish I did when I got my parking fine.. so when you're grumbling on a stopped train, remember that the grass is always greener..

* Thanks to Ty for sorting us out with cups for the coffee and Mark – I hope you get in touch, I do need help with SEO and I’m interested in seeing your designs… I’ve shown you mine! Mel, sorry for making you sit in the front row and good luck with your studies!


  1. The “Law breakfast” was more like a marketing breakfast, but all the discussion was interesting.
    Let me know if you want some SEO help. I just submitted your url to Google, so that might help.
    Chat soon!

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