Melissa loves you ! (special offer for BC readers)

Oh dear BusinessChic readers – have I got a surprise for you!

you love Melissa and it appears that Melissa loves you too !

Because you liked my signature shoes and I like you, I dropped a line to the responsible folks at Melissa.. And because they’re fabulous and like the  BC spirit- they’re making us a special offer!!

A 10% discount for readers on non-sale items*

* that means no discount on sale items… well I just thought I’d better clarify in case the negative was confusing! Note that Melissa are just redoing their website site and the new site will be up in April.  If you would like to take up this fantastic offer, on the current site – when purchasing, just enter in the ‘order comments’ box:  BY REFERRAL OF BUSINESSCHIC

I’m excited about this partnership with one of my all-time favourite brands. For those of you not yet acquainted with Melissa shoes, please allow me the honour… Hailing from Brazil, Melissa is a global fashion icon which I believe, achieves its goal of inspiring through innovative design… I want to stress dear readers, these are not mere shoes but fantastic modern marvels that are a wonder to behold and in most cases, are ridiculously comfortable to wear… I know this because I’ve taken my Campana heels backpacking through the broken streets of the former East Berlin and onto the dance floor of workplace functions… Melissa’s offering ranges from the very outrageous to the subtly ‘wow that is pretty cool’… it is my go-to for times when I want something fun & frivolous to when I just feel like breaking the corporate mould with, well, that little something special… Plastic fantastic is the chosen medium to communicate technology and renewal but, unlike the jellybellies of your childhood- fear not! Melissa shoes are infused with candylicious technology which will have your tootsies smelling like hubba bubba!Yay!

I am also always so very impressed with the roll call of designers who collaborate with Melissa Shoes to create these affordable architectural spectacles – FOR OUR FEET! Not that I want to get all like in that Devil Wears Prada scene but… truly… these collaborators are some of the leading architects, designers and fashion designers of our time. For example, you may be familiar with names like Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier but Melissa also introduces us to other icons-in-their-field such as Zaha Hadid, the first woman laureate of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture (2004) and Melissa’s very own creative genius, Edson Matsuo whose designing prowess has so swept me off my feet, that I’ve since decided that I’d like to marry him… unless he’s already taken of course, in which case I’ll happily settle for some Matsuo-designed footwear, which is kind of appropriate!

Yay! Thank you to Susannah and the Melissa Shoes team for this offer!

So now dear readers, in case you don’t have time to scroll back up, here’s the picture of me with my current family of Melissa’s. Because I’m totally going to take up this offer myself as soon as pay day comes around (ooh, not long now!) – I need your help – which Melissa’s should I get? I’d love to hear your comments and your thoughts on Melissa Shoes… because I am obviously smitten…

btw...the shoes are Melissa, my name is Cheryl

While I’m waiting for your comments, here is a short list of my particular favourites at this current moment:

  • Luxe yummies which would also look stunning as feature design pieces around the home when not being amazing on my feet – Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon BOW (the black ones with the tortoise shell- luverly!) or the divinely art deco Vinyl + J. Maskrey … alas, still worth checking out but I shall have to wait a few months before I can get my hands on the ever sooo drool-worthy, Jean Paul Gaultiers
  • or these great flatties which could take you about town –into the office and between clients – perfect for rainy weather as unlike leather, rain ain’t going to ruin these babies!
  1. Vivienne Westwood Ultragirl BOW – the black ones are particularly LADY and so polished in an alternative way!
  2. Vivienne Westwood Ultragirl STAMP – I’m totally feeling the glossy gloss and the waxy stamp embellishment reminds me of the packaging of my new Viktor&Rolf perfume – Eau Mega – yum!
  3. These Edson Matsuo Numa or the ones with the non-detachable [corporate] rat – hehe! Numa +Lovefoxx
  4. Edson Matsuo Night Galactics – a Valentine’s Day special – oh how Melissa knows how to appeal to the reckless romantic in me! But these babies will also take one stylishly from the office to some too-cool-for-skool bar… after work of course..
  5. J. Maskrey Ultra Night Sky – for when you want to wish upon a star… but don’t actually want to be working in the office until you can see them..

Ok so this short list isn’t getting less short, more long – but this next pair is waaaaaaayyyy too out of this world to not get a mention – the Vivienne Westwood WING – that’s right THESE BABIES HAVE WINGS!! Ok, so they’re not the OHS-sanctioned footwear one might have in mind for emergency fire drills but I know that I have never seen anything before which quite says so well, “Puddle, pffft what puddle? I’ll show you who is a high flyer now, Icarus!”

VW Melissa Wings taking over Fed Sq (VW Wings image from Melissa website)

 I look forward to your comments! Xox


  1. Bernadette says

    Strange I couldn’t post yesterday, but how exciting! I never thought of wearing these to the office but the ones you’ve picked out are really adorable. I like Vivienne Westwood Ultragirl BOW and Edson Matsuo Numa.

    • Hi Bernadette, sorry I accidently unchecked the ‘Comments’ box, hence why you weren’t able to comment but thanks for perservering! Shananigans, yay a fellow Melissa lover!! Yes, the Campanas have done such great designs.. and I don’t think you can have enough Corallos.. I know you have me tempted! Glad you ladies like the discount on offer, I can’t wait til payday! MsC, I’m a size37 too but rather than battle you for the too-cool-master-splinter-esque Numa+Lovefoxx, I’m gonna start with the tres femme VW ultragirl bow.. They remind me of a funked up take on the classic ferragamo ‘varina’ flat.. Divine!

  2. I just did a post about my love for Melissa, and then found out about your discount code via Vogue Forum.

    At the moment I love Numa + Lovefoxx (don’t worry MissC, I’m a size 38), as well as the Zaha Hadid style. I also wouldn’t mind a(nother) pair of Campana Corallo.

  3. omg this is sooo what i’ve been looking for… Chez u are so the go to girl! me too waiting on pay day, no one touch the Numa & Lovefoxx size 37, they’re mine!

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