Oh what a beautiful morning.. (updated with pics)

..sings the lovely Lisa Mitchell on the first track (of the same title) of her debut album ‘Wonder’, one of my favourite albums of last year and recipient of the Australian Music Prize awarded just last week..

the lovely Lisa Mitchell - unfortunately I couldn't find a picture that captures her sweet shoulder dance moves

Hello readers, I hope you’re all refreshed and golden after a most brilliant sun-kissed Melbourne weekend that is set to continue right into the week. I myself, enjoyed some chips in the sunshine on Saturday and made new friends at my gorgeous girlfriend’s wedding on Sunday, what did you get up to??

Follow the adventures of the busichic capturing business chic on the streets of Melbourne..

While I do not have a regular BC post for you today (I’m going to try post regularly on mons&weds..) I hope you’ve noticed some changes I’ve made to the site (please visit some of my google sponsors, click and I can buy coffee!) … and I’ve finally figured out how to Twitter, so please follow me the BusiChic and my adventures cataloguing business chic on the streets of Melbourne.

Fashion FairyGodMothers/Knights in shining armour, will BusiChic make it to the LMFF ?!

In the meantime, while I’m working on the next post, I thought I’d give you an update as I have heard back from the LMFF fairy-god-mothers! Now considering that media accreditation applications closed in Feb, I’m kinda incredibly late but.. I’m to follow up on Wednesday and if perchance a media seat available, BusiChic might just get to the bal- I mean L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival!! <fingers-crossed>


Melbourne icons you can hang up anywhere in the world..

Ps- check out makemeiconic.com – gorgeous Melbourne-inspired homewares I’ve fallen in love with since I spotted them at brunch in the pages of a very special The Age Sunday Mag (see my tweet..) I want to get some mugs&cushions to add some stylish melby goodness to the new office I’m moving into today.. if I’ve leftovers I might start running comps for BC readers on mondays to ‘Battle the Mondayitis!’ thoughts??

...or snuggle up to.

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