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I was going to title this entry “Prim & Proper”… however, I felt that such a title would not adequately convey the spirit of those featured in this Polished entry. These looks may be on the conservative side of the spectrum… however, like the refreshment, they are classics.. reliable and timeless but with a welcome bit of zest.   I recommend wearing with a twinkle in your eye and pop on a light trench to weather through the wind & rain..

The MCs at May & Franis' wedding in their best Mad Men-inspired garb..


This lovely lass was on her way to Jimmy’s birthday drinks at the Carlton Club when I approached the group and asked to take her picture. That’s Jimmy and the boys waiting in the background as I tried my best to quickly capture Meagan’s lovely ladylike ensemble amidst the rabble of their good-natured complaining.


I particularly like the ruffle detail on Meagan’s skirt which for me is the key piece in this perfect example of a Polished look. Note also the clever balancing act of accessories. Personally, I’d pop on earrings and a delicate necklace with such a look. However as Meagan’s chosen to layer up on bracelets and a feature ring, it’s fitting that she’s accessorised up top with just a simple pair of studs; the addition of a necklace would have been too much. And the patent leather heels round off this outfit beautifully. Nice work Meags.   

Lovely ruffle detail enhances the femininity of an already lady-like pencil skirt

jewellery gifts cardigan & skirt Target tank top Kookai or Country Road?? bag Witchery shoes RMK

Patent leather adds polish.. without requiring the manual maintenance..

Favourite shops/brands/sites for workwear Saba, Kookai, Cue, Rhodes and Beckett, Ojay (on occasions), Target!

Favoured coffee source Mess Hall when I’m in the office

A reliable tailor/shoe repairer you recommend Magic Tailor (Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn); Nina’s Alterations (Glenthuntly Rd, Elsternwick)


And so I’m learning that it pays to behave like a lady… Puzzled? Yes, well let me explain.. So dear reader, the thing about photographing for is that I need to walk around the city lots… and sometimes I get tired… and because I haven’t been indoctrinated with the high deportment standards of say, Egglestone Hall… I end up leaning against some odd wall to rest my weary shins… I’ve realised that this creates a bit of an awkward situation when a potential BChic candidate comes my way because I then bounce off said wall which must appear so odd.. and unlady-like. not like Angie here. Angie courteously listened to my spiel and then graciously allowed me to photograph her.


earrings Diva blouse this is from a little store at Southern Cross but I’ve forgotten what it’s called.. cardigan&skirt Portmans bag Sportsgirl watch Emporio Armani shoes Diana Ferrari

Sportsgirl chic..

And so it pays to behave like a lady because it turns out that Angie is friends with a friend of mine… and now their circle of friends know me as the chick who leans up against walls stalking stylish people in the city… and that Angie is stylish and nice enough to not judge people like me and understands the importance of my cataloging efforts. Thank you Angie. And thank you muchly also for a great little outfit that nicely displays the breadth and quality of the high street selection available for one after a top-end Polished look.

Black pointy kitten heels are both lady-like and functional for the girl who needs to get about town.


Sean was one of the very first people I ever stopped to photograph for As such, the sharpness of his outfit its comparable with the rigidness with which I had him pose.. my bad. But on clear display is the well-fitted european cut shirt and skinny tie… a sharp look that works well at the office and out to dinner/drinks, don draper would approve…


  outfit Bally

 Favourite shops/brands/sites for workwear?  BALLY, Jack London, Prada
Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your workrobe? european style cut shirts- black or white with only a skinny tie.
Skincare or cosmetics that perform well for you?  Lab Series – Skin care for men
 Your favoured coffee source  B3 in degraves lane
A reliable shoe repairer you can recommend Lonsdale Shoe Repairs‎- more info »161 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000‎

Melbourne, on a sun shiney day not that long ago... "the sun'll come out.."


  1. I LOVE Meagan’s outfit! If I was still in need of semi corporate attire, that is exactly how I would be dressing. Gorgeous.

    • Ooh it’s the Fashion Adultress- I love your blog and must add you to my roll as soon as I work out how to from my phone! Thanks for your comments, Meags does look great but then I think everyone I feature has a great look! Xox

  2. Great blog!

    I love seeing that a lot of other people seem to buy their work clothes from Target 🙂 That’s my HG work clothes store!!

    • Hello ladies, wow I hope someone from Target sees this post as we’re developing quite a following! I even have girlfriends who wear Jimmy Choo tell me that they’re running down to check out the offering at their closest Target store! That said, I really do quite like Target too. I already miss their Designer for Target ranges – my favourite was the beautiful Yeojin Bae collection where I particularly liked the accessories and still get complimented on the belts I bought from that line… anyone else have any Tarjaaay favourites?? xox

  3. Polly6034 says

    I’m loving your blog. And I’m super inspired – I’m off to Target!! 🙂

  4. Oh I love this blog!

    I have the same skirt Meags is wearing. I too love the ruffle, and feel very polished when I wear it.

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