And around we go!

Carrie considers the final touches for our Round She Goes market stall while I rest up before the waves of customers start arriving..

Well! I hope Sunday’s madcap weather encouraged you to seek solace in the great indoors and rest up before commencing the first full-working-week in a while… and before the collective groaning starts up, fear not- the ANZAC day long weekend is just around the corner! While I work on this week’s sartorially-inspiring BC entry (to be published Wednesday), please indulge me by allowing me to share some happy snaps from the weekend because I hope this inspires more folk to have dress-up parties as they’re truly much fun! Also, Melbourne women, keep an eye out for the RoundSheGoes market – a fabulous clothing&accessories market where I’ve been a long-time buyer but joined forces with girlfriends to hold our first stall! 

I wonder what Marie-Claire will think of our take on the return of double-denim!

I spent Saturday morning reading through my favourite fashion mags and was chuffed by this month’s Marie-Claire to see that the 90’s/early noughties’ favourite fashion trend, double-denim, is back.. particularly as I had a Double-Denim-Nation party to attend later that night – what do you think of our efforts readers? 

Blue jean babes - Tiff showing off the puff-paint artwork on the back of outrageous number from retro-royalty, Shag


OK so I chickened out and didn’t go all the way with the double-denim… but I certainly did not chicken out at 6am the next morning when I was up before the sun to finish packing for my RoundSheGoes market stall ! Thank goodness for this INDOOR market on such a wet day.. I spent the day tweeting from our stall as I spotted a number of outfits that were so BC that I simply had to capture their colour/accessory/stylin’ goodness…  

Modeling our stall-outfits while waiting in line to register as Round She Goes mkt stallholders

A fun day, it was lovely to meet the RoundSheGoes team and our neighbours NICOLE (hehe!) and Caitlin from Muscrats Vintage whose new store opens in May 2010! These stylish sisters have their designer-jewelery-adorned fingers on the pulse of quality guys & girls vintage apparel which I’d love for weekendwear but think their brand-spanking new jewelry will make fabulous office-appropriate-pick-me-ups – I can’t wait to visit them and have already become their fan on Facebook. And we can’t wait to sign up for the next RoundSheGoes market which will take place in July – hope to see you there!

Some of the business chic I spotted at this weekend's Round She Goes mkt - hope to see you there in July!

So until we get to humpday, please do revisit my tweets or become a BusinessChic fan on Facebook.  and because I’ve received quite a number of inquiries about the polaroid-effect I use for pictures taken with my iPhone.. I’m happy to reveal that it’s all courtesy of the Polarise application and those who appreciate good value will be happy to hear that it, like the best things in life… is free. Xx Cheryl





  1. the corner stall vintages dresses@round she goes were amazing! i think they were from muscrat vintage. Would luv to see a business chic vintage post in the future!

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