Hello Sunshine..

Dear readers, welcome back from a perfect* weekend! I hope you indulged in chocolates and festivities with loved ones to your hearts content and did not have your hearts broken as I did by my beloved Hawks in the final quarter of Monday’s game – a promising start (THREE-QUARTERS) and then.. gutted! But well, some sense did come to light.. as the sun shone ever so brightly as I trudged my way home, hunched shoulders casting a shadow over my path.. I realised how much I should post up the remainder of my summer-shine pictures before the sun truly shineth no more..

* well, until the final quarter..

and while I may be in some Romeo-esque self-imposed gloom of artificial darkness, I would like to assure you that the dominance of noir in this post was not the result of any over-dramatism on my part (bien-sûr, non!) but rather a mere coincidence- the ladies in this post are simply displaying Melbourne’s grand tradition of donning black in all its glory; as a statement piece itself or background to statement accessories.. enjoy!  xx Cheryl


The ever-gorgeous Meagan was kind enough to allow me to photograph her yet again for BusinessChic. This is a perfect guide on how a simple ensemble can be made office-interesting with colorful statement accessories; a gorgeous necklace and I simply adore her peeptoe shoes which naturally were purchased overseas! Make Contemporary Business Wear -appropriate by popping on a cardigan, I like choices by Country Road or Little Joe, although after Meags’ last appearance, I really should check out the offering at Target..

Add vibrant colour by way of statement necklace

These colourful peeptoes would also be perfect items to brighten up a corporate suit in navy, grey or blue or Melbourne's favourite, black..

As an avid wearer of hats and head pieces myself, I am always chuffed when I find fellow old-schoolers such as charming Richard here. A Smart Casual work ensemble is given character with a simple smart straw addition… gentlemen please do adopt while the weather is fine..



Most hardworking accessory in your workrobe Definitely my watch. It’s a Tag Kirium that I received when I graduated. Nice and retro looking, gives me a nice corporate feel, with a bit of an edge.

Skincare or cosmetics that perform well for you  Aesop. Everything.

Publications/sites you like for updates in your industry or just find interesting? I’m a card holding Economist evangelist. Read it cover to cover every week… although I do balance this out with a regular hit of dailybunny.org BusiChic – hilarious! thank you for sharing Richard – my favourite is the entry for April 3 



sunnies Sydney markets dressDFO – Shilla bag Kookai shoes Nine west

I like how Robyn's coordinated her dress (black) with bag (brown) to match her shoes (both black & brown) - subtle here but a touch I appreciate nonetheless..

Robyn’s little black dress is simple in cut but made undoubtedly feminine and interesting with pleat panel detail. I’d bring a tailored black blazer to make more formal around the office, otherwise this item is a nice bit of inspiration for those in  Contemporary Business Wear environments. And what fabulous hair; something I need to work on myself, I wish that I had asked Robyn on the secret of her lustrous locks. Good grooming is such an essential finisher and Robyn’s polished curls are perfect for the office as well as after-work-drinks,  lovely!
Shops for workwear Cue and Kookai.
Makeup that works well for youI really like Becca; the foundation suits my colouring and the bronzer is really good too. I also like Laura Mercier’s illuminator..


I love the brown-strap detail on these very lady-like round toe pumps and the pinstripe details is fabulous too..

One of my favourite artists of all time is Tamara de Lempicka who painted dramatic portraits depicting strong women who live life in the fast line; so what if things ended tragically, the point was these women lived carpe diem.. I’m not sure whether the Tamara here who rounds out this week’s entry was named after this artist but her joie de vivre is certainly something worth aspiring to.. as well as the travel she would have been up to in order to pull together a Smart Casual ensemble from some international sources.. those in stricter environments may wish to cover shoulders with a cardigan..


earrings souvenirs from Thailand top, skirt, belt – Zara bag Boots & Bags (UK) rings souvenirs from Columbia &Israel leggingsMetallicus shoes Bonbonite

Yummy textures; polished wood against luxurious suede bag with leather & brass detail..

.. a very versatile shoe and I'm very much liking this pairing of nailpolish in grape shade with tan..


  1. A bit late but here I am! Where do we know each other from, Len? Uni? And yes I loved this! hahaha it makes me sound like I am travelling around the globe shopping – I wish!! I’m just lucky my family lives everywhere around the world so at least I don’t have to worry about accommodation!

  2. Haha- Tam would have loved this! Did you run into her randomly? She’s studying fashion herself.

    • Wow – how’s that for 6 degrees of separation! Yes, I came across Tamara randomly – I’d love to hear what she thinks!

  3. Am luvin Tamara´s get up! I luv that she has bits and pieces from what appears to be her travels. Triple whammy- stylish, versatile as well as a souvenir!

    • Green Chick – me too. As much as I like the souvenir of a funky fridge magnet (I picked up some molto cute Pinocchio’s when I was in Rome..), it’s particularly special to wear a souvenir when back in the real world, working to pay off the credit card!

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