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Dear readers, I have Shania Twain’s ’90s hit “That Don’t Impress Me Much” stuck in my head and I have noone to blame but myself. I was surfing the web when I should have been heat mapping and came across this article. Turns out that “From This Moment On”, Shania’s husband of eight years was no longer saying “You’re Still the One”.. and when asked “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been under?”… the answer was Shania’s bestfriend and so Shania was “Outta here”.. (FYI, ex-hubby’s name is Mutt Lange- surely Shania’s now hearing Shakespeare shouting at her from his grave – “WHAT’S IN A NAME YOU SAY??”)

The most business chic/appropriate image of Shania I could find. image courtesy of

but before you start feeling too sorry for her, brave Shania is taking bold steps to “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” again by undertaking the best noughties’ revenge tactic of getting her own reality TV show – Why Not? With Shania Twain .. want an example of “Why Not” in application – why, Shania has taken up with her ex-bestfriend’s ex-husband.. YES! I cannot wait to see what pearler titles such experiences will inspire.. might I suggest “Your boyfriend/my ex-husband got nothin on my boyfriend/your ex-husband”… or a cover of Soko’s “I”ll Kill Her”.. a country-western hypothetical musing if ever the twain should meet ! ..  And it must have been a very savvy TV network to have had the lightbulb moment of realising that a country singer would be the perfect reality TV show subject.. oh that’s right – Shania’s show is being made for Oprah Winfrey’s Network “OWN”..

Shania-jokes aside (I do respect her immensely but it’s so important to have a sense of humour, non?).. for some business chic outfits that did impress me much, please proceed to scroll down the page.. Xx Cheryl


I’ve been waiting for just the right Melbourne greyness/coldness to unleash this beautiful splash of Corporate/Polished colour – et voilà!


glasses French brand jacket Covers skirt Paul Smith bag Longchamp bangle Jessica Kagan Cushman Que serait le monde sans les filles (what would the world be without girls?) hosiery Voodoo boots Midas


Favourite shops for workwear: Saba/Anne Fontain in the UK/ Covers/ Ted Baker
Most hardworking accessory: My ARCHE boots
Hairdresser: BLOW in Fortitude Valley

Cosmetics & skincare that work for me: Guerlain cosmetics and Armani lipstick. In terms of skincare, I use Jo Malone moisturiser and I also love my newly acquired Norwex microfibre anti-bacterial face cloths which gently remove every bit of eye makeup without having to rub at the skin around my eyes! FYI- You can get the Norwex microfibre face cloths via independent distributor – email


This is a sharp and impressive Corporate suit who adds personality with unexpected splashes of colour and detail.


suit I had this tailor-made in Hoi-an by You can pick the fabric, lining, cut – I really like them and it’s a great souvenir. shirt Robert Graham tie John W. Nordstrom (US Dept Store) gym bag American Apparel watch Georg Jensen socks I forget where these are from but they’re black shoes Julius Marlow

Add character to a smartly cut suit with lining in an unexpected colour.. for the enjoyment of the wearer.

Some sweet detail and I'm liking the shirt-tie combo here..

Publications/sites you like for updates in your industry or just find interesting?
1. twitter – you can follow me @circlesF
2. google news – my fav news source. i’m a big google fanboy. check out this labs feature called ‘fast flip’. I”m addicted
3. new york times (iPhone app) – one of my many mobile news sources
Your favoured coffee source or lunch/dinner/drink venue:
coffee & bfast
when I’m home in Fitzroy – definitely have to recommend Min Lokal
If I’m in the CBD and near my office – Cumulus is at the top of the list. try a canelle with your coffee (or glass of wine). so tasty
mmmm belgian beers! stop in on a sunday afternoon at the Belgian Beer Cafe at the base of the Eureka Tower for a live 3 piece band, half-priced mussels and tasty belgian beers
pizza night at my place. my fav is a thin wholemeal and polenta crust, pesto, goat cheese, sausage and dates. bon appetit

This is a perfectly Polished outfit that has me going gaga for ensembles in grey, made shiny and punchy with delectable patent-leather-goodness…


dress Review belt Saba bag Kate Spade shoes Nine West

I love this classic carry-all and the patent leather belt from Saba which has been given some ‘tude with the addition of brass action is a great foundation piece..

Describe your work dress style
Most days I like to keep it to the serious suit, mixed in with an over the top accessory such as a large shiny belt, or a stand out piece of jewellery. Comfy shoes are a must for me as I spend most days running around the city with a heavy laptop bag and files – so its a constant balance between fashion and function.

Favourite shops/brands/websites for workwear
Saba, Country Road, Satch mixed in with a few less mass produced pieces from my travels, small boutiques and sales!

shiny patent leather in all its glossy glory..

Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your workrobe?
My new favourite Kate Spade handbag, which I bought in New York over Thanksgiving last year. I love the soft leather, the attention to detail from the clasp to finishing on the edges, and then there is the lovely royal green lining with immaculate stitching – after all its what’s on the inside that counts.

Your favoured coffee source or lunch/dinner/drink venue
Barista 101 – at the back of 101 Collins St, for the perfect coffee, the personal service from this little Italian family run shop which despite being over-run by accountants, lawyers and bankers every morning; still manages to remember your name, order and that your time is valuable.


Dear Natalie, how your personality-infused Contemporary Business Wear outfit pepped me up early in the morning! First I saw your fabulous hair colour and frames… and then it was your watch.. and then the jacket-lining. Thank you for being so good-natured that early in the morning – it was a pleasure to work with you.


glasses Miu Miu earrings Jane Peacock

A quintessential Melbourne girl’s office outfit – black ensemble brightened up with accessories in fabulous, bold colour

coat Katharine Jett from a shop called Clover which is on Brunswick Street- full of independent designers dress Piper (Myer label) scarf I took this of a Metalicus skirt! watch S.T.A.M.P.S hosiery Safeway value pack, thanks point black flats Wittner

Favourite shops/brands/websites for workwear?

Absolute favourite brand: Metalicus and op shops for some great bargains at a great price!

Skincare or cosmetics that perform well for you?

Skincare- Perfect Potion products (cleansing gel & moisturiser)

Cosmetics- Stila (brand) Major major lash Mascara, Napoleon Perdis cake eyeliner in black,  Bloom liquid eyeliner in ebony brown.

Your favoured coffee source & lunch venue – Crossways or Gopals for vegetarian lunch (Swanston st, city)

Soy Chai Latte from a Cafe54 on Flinders Lane, City. It’s real chai, not chai powder or syrup.

S.T.A.M.P.S. watch - wear it on your wrist or stick it anywhere you like.. really:)

The watch brand is S.T.A.M.P.S because its the shape of a stamp.  A shop called “BUG” on High St, Northcote stocks their stuff- lots of different watch faces and colour bands (leather). The watches are adjustable so you dont have to use it on a band either, the watch bracket comes off and has a sticky thing behind the watch face, so if you so desire, you could stick the watch face up somewhere!

PS: If you would like to enjoy the titles of Shania’s complete body of work , please click on this link.

PPS: Very random but I’m really loving Oroton’s From the Source. Gents who travel, travel here ; Ladies, meeting the Queen? Well, looky here.


  1. Well, fabulous dress colour and frames.

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