..pas chic, c’est D90’s !

Es tut mir sehr leid, aber ich habe noch kein Zeit, um ein normales Eintrag, zu machen… Sorry folks, big night on D90’s where we filmed segments for three episodes in the one night (we usually only film one!) – so the chic (or lack thereof!) I’ll be sharing with you is from the night’s filming- regular BC material to recommence next week. I hope these pics will at least keep you entertained:) 

wheres?... wheres?... where's?......

Where’s Wally?  

glasses Burke Road Variety Shop cardigan thermals top Alannah Hill ring souvenir from Rome jeans Lover for Levis socks Country Road (childrens’) shoes Campana Brothers for Melissa 

make up note – lips M.A.C. Pink Nouveau 

A tribute to the Disney Renaissance

 Disney Renaissance  

wig Spotlight flower pin eBay paper flower on regular bobby pin earrings Accessorize – pressie from my bestie D- thanks! top Kookai skirt Spotlight (Ariel costume!) shoes Vivienne Westwood for Melissa 





Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle... in Cavalli:)


(because nothing quite hides VPL like a tutu 😀 )

earrings Mimco costume Spotlight tutu Burke Road Variety Shop shoes Roberto Cavalli (from Loula on Toorak Road) 

All packed & off to the pub!

To Pub!

earrings, mask, top&shoes same as above blazer Sass & Bide pants Country Road

Caitlin & I after filming 3 segments back to back!

Next week we’ll be filming our last three guest segments – Tottie Goldsmith, Deborah Conway… and you’ll have to tune in to see our third guest!

The A*mazing Crew with James Sherry (Episode 7) - photo courtesy of Fernando de Sousa

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PS: Thinking ‘what the?!’ – so too are my parents:) Click here for my earlier entry on D90’s- my 1st episode:)

PPS: Lots of love to a great team who juggle study/career/life to work on the show…but particularly our producer&presenter Caitlin Jolly- for following your gut and persevering to getting a full season (well only one more to go!) of this show made – and including us on your journey and most importantly.. well I’ll tell you when you next shout me some vino! XX Cheryl

<stay tuned to the BusiChicCheryl YouTube Channel for footage taken behind-the-scenes and at the pub where I meet my *perfect match* for one of the above characters! Who will it be?! 😀 >


  1. Wow…
    Where can I get that TMNT outfit from its hilarious 🙂 I have a fancy dress soon and rocking up in that would be awesome!

    • busichic says

      Hi Stacy, glad to hear you like the TMNT outfit – you can get it from Spotlight (I picked mine up at the South Melbourne branch). Or you can hire it from me – fee is how much you would like to pay and all proceeds to go to a charity of your choice – drop me a line at info@businesschic.com.au if you’re interested.
      PS: might be best on size 6-8, I’m 8-10 and it’s rather snug – doable but just in case!

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