Random Acts of Kindness

Dear Reader, last night – the evening of Thursday, April 15 – was full of random acts of amazing things.. and I was incredibly lucky to be there to witness and have my camera in hand – enjoy.

Melbourne Central Shot Tower

Melbourne Central Shot Tower – Alive with the Sound of Music

Anyone within earshot of the Melbourne Central Shot Tower was treated last night to a random performance by a gentlemen’s choir. Who are you? what language were you singing? and whose friggin ridiculously awesome idea was it to fill up the levels of the Tower with gentlemen in spiffy suits and add yet another layer to the creative and cultural fabric of our city? Genius!

Who are you?? I stuffed my card in your pocket - write me!

BusinessChic.com.au is now on YouTube – BusiChicCheryl I’ve some wicked video footage of this event (‘wicked’ in that I think it rivals the best of Blair-Witch-Project wannabes :P) but need help transferring from Canon 550D – anyone??!!

Thank you gentlemen for your random choral performance - a privilege for all who witnessed I'm sure.

Earlier in the evening – ‘Til You Drop Shopping Melbourne History Event – The Birth of the New Suburb: Rise of Cool

I attended this fantastic event which is part of a series being held at the State Library – I hope to have a link to share

Some of the Organisers of the 'Til You Drop - Rise of Cool event - thank you!

with you soon. A big thanks to the event organisers who let me in at the last minute and apologies that I had to leave early! But I must say that in the time I was in that hallowed high-ceiling-ed hall-space-thingy; I felt that my IQ shot up heaps… words like Boyd, aesthetics, modernity..  love ittt!

Kick-Ass – THE Film of Our Generation

Big call? Watch it and see what you think. I don’t want to spoil it any further other than what’s already been said in reviews, so all I will say is – a film where an 11-year-old girl reclaims the c-bomb for the sisterhood? – this film is KICK-ASS.

And while I wait to hear what you think, I want to share with you a little secret something… BusinessChic.com.au is inspired by KICK-ASS to start doing something for our society – no more sitting back, it’s time to step up.  <watch this space>

24 Moons – show your Moonface

Say hello to civility in a creative space, ironically down ACDC Lane - perfect post-work spot... where are you going tonight?

I grew up on Enid Blyton books. I remember reading that Australian writer Geraldine Brooks did also and in an interview (published in The Age’s weekend mag), she likened her excitement for new Blyton’s to, ‘lust’.. something which upon reflection I can relate to also. And while I did not particularly lust after the character of Moonface in my particularly favourite Blyton series, The Magic Faraway Tree  (didn’t have to really, with names of other characters like d@ck & f@nny :P) – his utmost generosity in making his visitors feel welcome and well-catered for really struck a note with me. Which is why I really like 24 Moons … the ultimate Melbourne venue – down ACDC lane – amongst the awesome graffitti, is a door.. through which are a series of stairs… that lead up to?… well you’ll just have to mosey on down there and find out for yourselves! Xx Cheryl

PS: I’d love to hear from you – please leave a comment below – and yes, you can make up a user name, i.e. RandomChoralMan !


  1. Cheryl,

    It was a pleasure to have my picture taken last night, Wild Thing.

    Love the blog- you have inspired me to clean my shoes pre-work. On a side note, one of my friends is involved in an organisation called Fitted for Work (http://www.fittedforwork.com/). Check them out and see if you are interested in getting involved.


  2. The video off your canon? What media format is it in? Do you have a Mac with iMovie? Or the Adobe Production Suite with After Effects?
    Those apps should help you convert and edit most video formats. I’m no pro at it but I’ve fiddled with them.

    I am REALLY keen on seeing Kick-Ass. The trailers looked fab and while I couldn’t convince the boys at work about it I am sure that once they see it they will love it.
    Another movie I’m itching to see, as cheesy as it may be is Iron Man 2 – anything with Mr Robert Downey Jnr has my attention 😉

  3. When I walked out of Kick Ass, I felt exactly like I did when I walked out of 300 – like I just wanted to go get in a fight with some bad dudes. The difference was, after Kick Ass, I didn’t feel like I had to win the fight – on the contrary, this film teaches us that there is a lot of pride to be had in getting the shit kicked out of you, even if you are wearing spandex.

    • Bayden – 300 is another one of my favourite movies of all time and I totally relate to what you have just said about both 300 and KICK-ASS.. and respect for being able to express your appreiation of KICK-ASS so eloquently, I myself can’t seem to get past the title!

      Esz – thanks for your tips.. short answer is I don’t know.. taking the manual with me to coffee at Outpost so I can find out how to use camera and filming functionalities and share the goods with you all on BusinessChic.com.au ..

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