Set Free @Alexi..

BusiChic has been given free reign at Alexi Freeman's GPO store- mwah haha (Thanks Alexi!)


Dear All, 

My retail dream has come true. As an auditor, I once got excited that I was going to have a look at Country Road… however looking at the books was not quite what I had in mind. 

Thank you to Alexi Freeman for giving me reign of his store to work on’s upcoming entries and to inspect his divine women’s fashion in close proximity. 

Blogger/writer-extraordinaire Carly Findlay stopped by to say hello:)



Had a visit from blogger/events planner/govt department writer, Carly Findlay – phew! Busy lady – thank you for making the time to stop by and let me photograph you for a future BC entry (and Jo it was lovely to meet you too!):) 



Alexi Freeman Mini Flapper Trench accessorised with Tess Blazey Sci-Fi Necklace (orange)- love


Start playing the White Stripes to pay homage to Alexi’s signature print – c’est amusant, n’est pas?? 


Reading up the tweets – Garance Dore has landed in Melbourne – love! 


Thanks for the chat Janis 🙂

Finally have time to share that I love LOVE Janis’ outfit – I should send her the link to Episode 7 of Destination 90’s (where I sport a 70’s Mickey Mouse tee) as it’s always fun to meet fellow people who share the thought that “Mickey you’re so fine, you blow my mind – hey  mickey!”


Se Min Kim - love your shoes!


I have officially gone loopy; singe ich ein paar lieder auf deutsch – quatsch! How do sales assistants stay on their feet all day? Thank goodness Se Min Kim popped in to get me back in between the black&white…


Going to finally start working on this week’s entry – to be published on Thursday 🙂 Have just started playing my friends Big Scary to get me in the groove PollY! Polly!


Reading Carly’s blog entry on her visit today – yes already!- holy moly is she industrious! Carly inspires me to work harder on BC…

The pic that started it all @ALEXIFREEMAN, photo by Lucas Dawson, collage by BusiChic

<stay tuned throughout the day for updates>


  1. I am not industrious in the essay writing area of my life….

    • busichic says

      Yes but since I’ve seen you, you’ve had articles published and been interviewed on radio about your blog- all hail Carly ! Hey, was radio segment taped/stored on the net? I’d love to link here..

  2. Bernadette says

    Love the Flapper collection. The printed t-shirts are divine and great value too!

    • busichic says

      thanks Bernadette, Alexi really does have a great collection – I still need to speak to him about it, but from the name alone- I like how he’s updated the visual of the traditional 1920’s ‘Flapper’ as the 2020’s aren’t too far from us now.. how much more will the look evolve by then..? and if I’m wrong, then heck speculating about what we’ll be wearing in another 10 years is, food for thought… and I do like food 😀

  3. Hey there it was so lovely to meet you today! I am thrilled to have been photographed for Business Chic. Thank you. You are so very cool – Jo was really impressed and can’t wait to check out your blog 🙂

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