Sunglasses at work

Sunglasses – I need them and like them but find it challenging to make them work.. for work. Good thing then, that I found these workers who augment or enhance their business chic well with shades in different styles and sizes..

Melissa (Polished/Corporate)


sunglasses Sportsgirl (Cheryl’s own:P) earrings I got these from a shop along Chapel St blazer & top Cue skirt & belt (set) Portmans shoes Peeptoe

I love the peplum detail on Melissa's jacket such that I ran after her to ask to capture it.. the back of her Portmans skirt had lovely ruffle panel detail which unfortunately I wasn't able to capture as clearly..

Ok so I cheated some with this first one.

These sunglasses are my own but I feel that round frames added a nice touch of quirky to Melissa's smashing polished outfit. love.

Laura (contemporary business wear- creative)


sunglasses Tom Ford earrings hearts on fire  blazer,bag&boots Country Road jumper/sweater Kookai skirt Sportsgirl stockings Ambra

classic styling in black adds professionalism and sharpness to a fun-shape skirt

Favourite shops/brands/websites for workwear? – scanlan theodore / country road / vintage accessories / net-a-porter – for dreaming
Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your workrobe? thin black knits from scanlan theodore for layering
Skincare or cosmetics that perform well for you? aesop / nars / by terry

Tom Ford sunglasses - stylish semi-tinted frames will come in handy to stave off glare come sun,hail,rain - and anything else Melbourne weather will come up with..

Your hairdresser/colourist/stylist? Liza @ Kudos Fitzroy

Publications/sites you like for updates in your industry or just find interesting? – Vogue (Aust / British / Italian and French) / Garance Dore / Sartorialist / Interview / Vasili’s Art Patrol / Design Files
Your favoured coffee source or lunch/dinner/drink venue? Journal / Cafe Vue / Gills Diner / Bondstore / Movida Next Door

Andrew (Corporate)

I like how Andrew’s frames add an unexpected twist to an otherwise conventional corporate outfit –  an example of the transformational/personality-enhancing value of a good accessory.


sunnies: Hans Kjobenhavn – Timeless frames direct from Copenhagen, Denmark suit straight from the high end bespoke tailors of Yaly in Hoi An, Vietnam shirt Country Road – I like my candy stripes shoes Aria Shoes – good rubber sole for walking to work

coiffure a la natural

1. Shops you go to for workwear Country Road is my usual stops for workwear. The Country Road Factory Outlet on Bridge Road is a gem, I usually head there once a fortnight. If I head there on the right day and I can walk out with 2-3 great fitting, decent quality business shirts with change of $100. Bargain!
2. What’s in your lunchbox? This really depends. Usually a good homemade roll with salami, tomato, pesto, baby spinach, and cheese. The trick is to bring the tomato separate and cut it up at lunchtime to avoid a soggy disaster. Then, at lunchtime, the only question is: to toast or not to toast?
3. Tasty quick recipe for when you get home from work? I love cooking, but sometimes when I get home from work cooking is the last thing I want to do. Quick and easy tomato napoli with penne, the way nonna makes it, is easy.
4. Coffee source There are a few I like in the city. Mess Hall, COT, Journal, Postal Hall. I usually prefer to drink in than takeaway, as I am not a fan of paper cups.


  1. I love the peplum jacket on Melissa. Cue is just so beautiful.

    Great work once again.

  2. I thought Laura was smart casual rather than contemporary. Is it me or do others have that thought too…?

    nice work with alexi freeman blogging… can’t wait to start following those too!

    • Esz – hun – you should see the trouble I have finding a pair of sunnies! The number of times I’ve had patient DJs staff opening up every single cabinet of sunnies… then there’s Melissa here who is able to throw on a pair randomly and look amazing – ahhhh well, I suppose it was meant to be!

      Hi MissC – great point and I’m now thinking you’re right:) Laura’s blazer threw me off and along with her sharp & polished haircut and classic accessories were the reason why I thought her ensemble was definitely at least work appropriate…. however with the fun bubble skirt and flat boots, the corporate factor is downplayed… but it is a tres smarter smart casual than most – n’est pas?

  3. Cool sunnies! Wish I could find a pair that worked for me. My face is too weird in shape hahaha nothing ever fits without making me look like a blowfly.

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