Mont Blanc

"What was she thinking?" - Lena Meyer-Landrut takes out Eurovision 2010 for Germany with her song, Satellite.

Congratulations  Lena Meyer-Landrut of Germany for taking out Eurovision 2010! As an ex-Berliner, I am incredibly proud; although on the BusinessChic front, I fear I must express some concern… You see, dear reader; I was reading over kleine Lena’s earlier interviews when I came across this quote where she says “I don’t think when I am singing. There is no more space in my brain.”  It reminded me of something I’d heard during the Emerging Writers Festival* from the suave and velvety-voiced Craig Schuftan. Schuftan mused on some of the darned things musicians say that  “in any other profession, would get you sacked.” That said, Lena hat es unbedingt geschafft, and for that reason – there will be nothing further from me than lots of pride which will manifest itself in extra trips to ALDI – hurrah!

What is unsackable is the attention to detail shown by those I will be featuring in this week’s BusinessChic. This week marks the start of winter and as chilly as it is waiting on Platform 9 at Richmond Station; I sure do enjoy watching stylishly rugged up Melburnians busying to work and in some cases, listening to their music also- enjoy! Xx Cheryl

Lady Mont Blanc

Timeless trench and a beautifully cut suit - I also like how this classic Corporate commutes in subtle but sensible shoes that provide non-slip support to safely tred along wet paths and tram-tracks to work. bravo!

Make use of pretty packaging by adding to your workwear repetoire - très chic!

et voilà! I love a bit of bling and this impressively be-jewelled belt is a great way of adding sparkle to a workwear ensemble. Keep the blazer on during the day for a classic corporate look but the addition of timeless (read necklace) and fun (read belt) accessories means Polished when sans blazer.

I think this was Gorman - a classic shape bag in high quality leather means this bag will be enjoyed both casually and en bureau for years to come. A great personal touch.

* 2 Sides of the Coin — Style Vs Substance  – a special debate – held in Melbourne Town Hall on May 30, 2010 as part of the Emerging Writers Festival.


Destination 90s (D90s) – Season Finale TONIGHT + Sex & the City Tribute

Channel 31 has just gone digital so please do tune in your set-top boxes and catch the season finale of Destination 90s at 9.30pm TONIGHT (31/05/2010)- It has been 13 weeks of madness, learning but also much fun. We’re still green but hoping that Channel 31 will have us back so we can come back bigger and better! And if you do likey, to see past clips – I hope you’ll consider scheduling in a visit to the Destination 90s YouTube Channel!

For those who have just recently joined the adventure – when I am not working as a Senior Internal Auditor or on BusinessChic – I have been working on Channel 31’s new show Destination 90s as production stylist and presenter. On May 31st, 2010 – Channel 31 will air our last episode (Season One). Our show is about all the things we loved in the 90s – show producer and host, Caitlin Jolly, brings us interviews with personalities such as James Sherry and musicians like Monique Brumby, Adam Thompson from Chocolate Starfish and Deborah Conway; as well as plain old fun moments of the decade. Naomi Davis and Graeme Simpson bring us 90s News. And as the ’90s Child – I present a weekly segment featuring toys from the decade I grew up in. I joined as a presenter on Episode 4 – but in honour of the Sex & the City movie being released this week- below is a clip from Episode 5 where I adjusted content for our “adult” episode and paid tribute to this pivotal show which started in the 90s.. Hope you enjoy!

Fernando de Souza”]

Graeme, Caitlin & Cheryl - Destination 90s, Episode 5 - photo: Fernando de Souza

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