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For those who had not realised, Sunday May 9th is Mothers’ Day. In honour thereof, this post features the mamas and a mama-to-be, whose BusinessChic stopped me in my tracks right in time for this entry… and because I can’t speak for everyone, I hope you all take the time to thank your mum or mother-figures in your life – and heck, not even just on Sunday. Xx Cheryl


frames unsure blazer Basque shirt Country Road bag Jag pants Sussan shoes Steve Madden

I was running late for a Shop ‘Til You Drop event at the State Library when I spied Myra’s BusinessChic. I like how she’s matched pieces from two labels to create a suit structure that works for her- a reminder that ‘this goes with this.. goes with that’!  Props for the really great emploi of colour too – matchy matchy with the red top and shoes, then contrasting with a classic bag in a fabulous pop of colour- magnifique!

(PS: can I also say that I love her Helen Mirren-esque hair? I hope so because I think it looks faaaantastic)



cardigan French Connection UK pants Glenferrie Road boutique bag Louis Vuitton shoes Siricco

 Was fuer ein Zufall! Two BusinessChic mamas sporting red tops and schmick red shoes- what a coincidence! Lolita’s Smart Casual ensemble is a good example of how to add interest to neutrals – not only do her pants have this whole skort/pant thing that is already interesting enough – she’s added polish by way of chic and poppy-coloured cardigan and shoes… oh yes and can’t forget the bag, a  smart pattern adds extra interest! This particular cardigan has some lovely button detail on the back but didn’t want to overload you all with pics of her 🙂

Always practical, my mama always says ‘make sure you wear comfy shoes!’

Cosmetics that work for me:

For foundation, I really like La Prairie- and no it’s not because it’s expensive but I find that it looks really natural – it doesn’t seem to block pores.

Lunch: I like to take lunch from home but on the weekend,  Ganache!



trench Berlin boutique (in Mitte) dress Ripe Maternity bag Oroton watch Tommy Hilfiger sneakers ASIC Gel

Andrea is a friend of mine who I’ve admired since I met her in our German conversation class bei der Goethe Institut.
I’m not sure that’s even grammatically correct and would be terrified to run it past A, as I am so intimidated by her NZ-clipped Deutsch- because it’s so charmingly arresting 😀

Andrea, I’m sorry you spilt half your box of maltesers when we were at the movies last weekend and hope we get to try out the malteser-ad thing with your bubba at the German Club do for the World Cup!

In terms of Andrea’s outfit, it is a prime example of working mum’s challenge of juggling corporate wear with their growing bub. Simple black dress allows growth, while work-style-outer that you can wear open maintains overall polish. FYI- I found a similar dress at Blue Illusion today for those who would like a similar look. PS: she changes her shoes in the office but I forgot to snap them 🙂

Skincare that works well for you? I am an Aesop convert, love it!
Hairdresser: Candice at Rakis. All the stylists are fantastic.
Drink/snack venue of choice at the moment: Mamasita


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