#Go Nifty Go !

Nifty and his fellow umpires

Dear Readers,

Watch this space – I am working on making BusinessChic dedicated to just that.  I will be moving my creative posts (thank you for enduring!) to a new On the Side page which means that you can choose whether you want workwear inspiration or turtle power 🙂

In the meantime, I was hoping that you would help me this week by visiting this page over the week to see what we can do for my work colleague, Neville.

Neville is responsible for the mailroom in my workplace. My boss calls Neville, ‘Nifty’. Naturally, I questioned why.

Turns out that on the weekends, Neville is a football umpire. At the time of my writing this post, he is about 7 weeks shy of making his 750th game – an amazing achievement, I’m sure most would agree.

Neville also runs marathons. This isn’t the first time he has been the focus of an article- I’ll need to ask him again, but he has been interviewed for a number of publications. However, from what I can gather, noone has yet tried to get the man sponsorship. Until now.

Surely there is someone who’d like to put their sneakers on this man.. or get him some sunscreen… or make him the spokesperson for their high fibre cereal/low-cal spread… or spokesperson for government health program/Life Be In It-initiatives – because he is the embodiment of an active lifestyle and the benefits thereof. and an awesome bloke to boot.  

I think that Neville’s efforts are commendable and would like to see what I… we can do for him. If you’re on Twitter and want to help, please use the hashtag #GoNiftyGo If you are interested in helping- please comment or drop me a line at info@businesschic.com.au  Xx Cheryl

Who else wants to see nifty make 750? If you can help get Nifty a sponsor - great. Otherwise -who else wants to come see Nifty's 750th game? - I can attest there's awesome tuckshop fare at grassroots 🙂

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