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A little tribute today to some news presenters whose presentation style I admire!

Lee Lin Chin


Lee-Lin Chin

I have been a long-time admirer of Lee-Lin Chin, who is in so many ways a unique and rare type in Australian media. I also admire Chin’s sartorial workwear choices and much-loved the spin-off series she used to have; interviewing Australian designers whilst wearing some of their pieces all styled-up in her intellectually-creative way…




  Janice Petersen

Janice Petersen

On a similar note, Janice Petersen, who presents the SBS Evening news has also become a favourite of mine- she seems to have this array of interesting tops that are creatively elegant but show a nice streak of personality too – props to her/the stylist for showing next generation of Corporates how to individualise their look.

Many thanks to the fabulous folks at SBS who provided the professional photos of Lee-Lin Chin & Janice Petersen. Hope you dont mind my addition of screengrabs others have taken and posted on the WWW! Xx Cheryl

PS: Co-anchor of the SBS Evening news. Note of interest; dates Julian Hamilton of The Presets!

Professionalism with personality


Click here for’s coverage of less successful examples of news presenter ensembles


  1. Yay welcome Denise! I cant wait to see the Singers posts! 😀

    And I love the SBS news presenters too. They are so much more stylish than the other channels and show much more individuality.

    • busichic says

      Thank you Esz- glad to see you like considering how you’ve been following the progress of BusinessChic- I can’t believe it’s only/already been two months!
      And glad you like the SBS pics – how good is this station! and to be fair they’re the only ones I’ve contacted so far but if everyone is this responsive, I’ll be extremely suprised and pleased. And while I think that all the stations have great presenters, it is refreshing to see that some are pushing the boundaries- still professional and polished but far more interesting for those of us visually-inclined 😀

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