Part Five: Work Love Tribute

While technically, this next shot leaves a lot to be desired, I am completely enamoured with the subjects…

Smart Casual on a Friday

For me this pair perfectly captured one of the reasons I work – to be able to fund creative projects that add to me as a person but which funnily enough – feeds back and helps me be a better employee with out-of-the-box solutions.. I love that these gents have been at work then gone out and spent their money on a shiney disco ball.. although as it turns out- it was actually work-related! The gent on the right had finished his last day working on a community radio station where he was responsible for- as I recall- music from the 80s… and opera!

What does opera have to do with shiney disco balls? Yes well – I’d appreciate some help here! As the gentleman above explained to me, some chap tried to make opera relevant for a modern audience by making a clip with ladies in a spa and with disco balls all around… I cannot, for the google of me me find it… I found many other amusing things instead but would appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction, particularly so that I can share with my fellow street-culture-mesh-homey, Matt Preston 😛


And so wraps the Book of Love-inspired week of Business Chic. I would love to know what you thought about the new format and frequency!

In the meantime, recognising that not all pairs this week were necessarily romantically linked; I wanted to end this Book of Love week by sharing a picture of a pair who were and in some way, still are… here is a photo of my grandparents who inspire my BusinessChic and thoughts on the Book of Love

Opa & Oma

While always dashing, my grandparents also instilled in me the importance of relationships which I feel is the most imperative thing for any business. In their case, they had nine children and 23 grandchildren! From my Opa, who from memory was fluent in Indonesian, Dutch, English and some Mandarin – I also learnt the value of taking time to speak to people in their own language (though for me, slang rather than a new language will often suffice)… from my grandmother, a love for the written-word and the movies. We spent hours reading together.. and I remember watching Hitchcock’s The Birds with her when I was about five! But with a a film education like that, she’s instilled in me a life-long-love for the visual arts and for that I am grateful.

So dear Opa & Oma – for me, you wrote the Book of Love and tried to teach me how to not eat like a grub. and so I just wanted to say, thank you. Xx Cheryl

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