What to wear to a High School Reunion

This week I had my school reunion. There was one cliche; moi. All these years on, still carrying a camera… but the girls assured me that this was a good thing, and so – because it appears I am still susceptible to peer pressure (!) –


Hopefully however, this post also serves as an idea of what to wear to one’s highschool reunion if it’s held straight after work!

Sas, Jac&Morris & Louise

Suz, Jac, Mel, Gin & Kate

Louise, Stel & Kate

Sar, Emily & Louise

Sar, Prudy & Bry

Miels, Georg, Lauren & JanePrudy & Sas

Urs, Ash & Mel

Old Girls 2010

..thanks to Prudy & Sar K for organising!


  1. Where are the boys?! hehe – My High School Reunion is in October, at a pub. Imagine it will be a jeans and polo shirt kind of affair – I will definately be overdressed! x

  2. Fantastic outfits! Looks like it was a happy reunion 😀

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