Will you walk on by? #GoNiftyGo

Please tweet #GoNiftyGo to help me get a sponsor for my colleague who is a footy umpire on the weekends. At the ripe young age of 66, Nifty (Neville) will soon be celebrating his 750th game as a footy umpire with the Southern Football League which is coming up in FOUR (4) weeks!

Neville - a quiet hero in our midst.

Nifty and Cheryl

Don’t tweet? Please leave a comment below to wish this quiet achiever luck on a remarkable achievement. Nev is a Spartan Legend which means he’s run every single Melbourne Marathon since its inception in 1962. With all these milestones he has been quietly achieving over the years while working and raising a family, I sure would love to get him at least a pair of sneakers as his perseverance has inspired me to start training for my first 5km run.

Xx  Cheryl

Disclaimer: Slightly posed shot (1) I told the girl that she could keep walking but got trigger happy with camera…and then liked this shot (apologies!) (2) I asked Nifty to wear three of his medals to entertain my penchant for bling in odd numbers – a truly lovely fellow 🙂


  1. A very quiet achiever indeed. I wish him all the best, and you too Cheryl with your first 10km run! Golly, that sounds like a long long way 🙂

  2. Bernadette says

    What a great achievement – #GoNiftyGo!

  3. Such a champ! And I mean both of u!!! All the best Nev!

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