In case you had not heard; Sex & the City II: the movie  is being released this week (June 2). While the show has made household names of all the glorious Christians, Manolos and Jimmys of the female shoe-world offering, it has not provided quite as much for our male counterparts. And let me tell you gents, I’ve been told that the ladies (and hommes with style) are looking at your shoes too! While I myself am still learning to appreciate, I do know that Anton’s in Melbourne Central has a great line up of apparel for gents looking to add old-world charm to their modern day work ensembles, now that’s a name you want to be seeking out… HTHs! Cheryl


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Polished workwear up here - classic trench, preppy shirt/tie/sweater combo

These beautifully-crafted shoes make a statement and while not for the faint-hearted, they will undoubtedly add character to any outfit. Pants-length - these are comfortably slouchy for a Smart Casual look, otherwise bring up a little for a straighter and Polished silhouette.

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