Celebrate ~

Here is a random little post to celebrate the wonderful weekend that was ~

I hope that everyone had a great long weekend because if there is one thing a Queen’s birthday should get us to do, it’s to Celebrate!  And boy did I – shout out to Nikki (Happy Birthday!) and Glen for a fabulous 8 hours at College Lawn – much fun! And I’d like to send a shout out to the very fabulous Katherine of the House of Baulch for fixing me up with some great new EXCESSories … and also to Stephanie of Leona Edmiston for hooking me up with some very ladylike shoes – woot woot!

Thanks Katherine for my new chains which we thought went well with my antique beads...

Congratulations to all those who received Queen’s Birthday honours. I want to use this to segue to my dear colleague Neville who will be reaching the milestone of umpiring his 750th game in just a few weeks time! Regular readers on this blog will know about #GoNiftyGo –  my campaign to seek a sponsor to recognise Neville’s dedication to community sports and his own pursuits as an athlete. Please do drop me a line at info@businesschic.com.au if you would like to help!  In the meantime – congrats to Neville for getting a whole page dedicated to himself in the current issue of RunForYourLife!

Neville's achievements garnering attention independent of my strum! - here he is published in the current issue of Run For Your Life magazine in an article by Richard Trembath.

adidas Man In The Ball
The World Cup ~ I was at Club Tivoli (German Club) this morning for the 4-0 so rather than going into that, please allow me to direct your attention to adidas’ Man in the Ball – Adam Santarossa  – who will be spending 31 days living and breathing football during the World Cup! The beauty of social media means that you can communicate with Adam via Facebook or tweet him at www.Twitter.com/manintheball … I spent some of Saturday night with 20year-old male friends of mine tweeting silly questions to Adam.. here is a snippet of our dialogue with Adam!~

Dear @manintheball, could this be your child?

"No, I'm not the bubble boy!"

~ thanks for the good-natured response Adam !
And in a twinkle of an eye ~
Playtime is over for those of us who do not have the luxury of living in a lifesize toy! However, I hope you also made some fine memories and will tune in daily for your dose of workwear inspiration! Xx Cheryl

Hope that the long weekend was all that you needed it to be + some 🙂

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