Hair Matters

Sartorially, suits have it tough. While there is much enjoyment to be had in a beautifully-cut suit, I’ve noted that many a stylish gent still hankers for yet more opportunity to inject their individual style into their 9-5. While there are various ways to do it, I have also noted that there is a type of gent who will squeeze themselves into the box that is the Corporate dresscode – but then pop up with marvellous burts of self-expression, as manifested through the heady heights of their hair. Hallelujah – Hope springs eternal! ~ Xx Cheryl



suit & shirt Politix  tie PO Box shoes Aquila

Winter winds and office heating wreak havoc on any surface. Matt chooses Nivea Q10 to keep his McDreamy-esque...

Matt’s work lunch of choice is a chicken salad.

serious suit, stylin' hair.


  1. I think this guy is cool. He seems satisfied with his hair style. Springy but somewhat professional way, I think the dress does it image thing.

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