Now departing…

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph BusinessChic at airports across this great country of ours.* 

An early sunrise ~ they do not call it the red-eye for nothing !


My travel tips 

  • Avoid the queues and check-in online, Qantas even has mobile check-in, wonderful!
  • Where possible, carry-on luggage only. Allows you to head straight to security and you’re rather less likely to lose your bags.
  • Be-friend a taxi driver/professional driver who will show up on time to take you to the airport (Grrrr for not taking my own advice). Even better they will pick you up from the airport when you return so you don’t have to wait in those long queues…
  • Carry anything that will set off security alarm in a separate carry-bag to put on once you’ve made it through security.
  • And if you feel the cold like I do – bring a trench to act as a blanket or a pair of socks to slip on. Bon voyage! Cheryl

Corporate Chic – kudos to this lass who allowed me to snap as she was running to catch her flight- missed her deets but love the patterned tights and scarf to ward off early-morning-chill/provide warmth on the plane ~ pictured with my trusty-easy-to-manouvre-Samsonite.


Early morning flight? Look professional by wearing your hair up, stud earrings also offer no-fuss polish. I'm liking the colour coordination - full-proof when throwing workwear together to catch the red-eye!

*I missed my flight. Turns out that ‘Final Call’ means ‘Flight Closed’ – even when your name is being called – and you’re right in front of them. Boo. But yes, in every cloud there is a silver lining…


  1. Oh gosh you missed your flight? That is my worst nightmare – I hate being late. Airports are interesting places aren’t they. I love them and hate them at the same time.
    Definitely check in online if you can for sure – Jetsar and Virgin allow you to check in prior to arriving at the airport too so yay for less queuing!

    • busichic says

      airports – the late nights/early mornings are not made easier by unflattering lighting! That said, seeing a new crop of quality coffee purveyors was uplifting – look forward to having some time to partake next time!

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