Snuggle chic

Winter: Day 1- How was it for you? For me it was: Brrrrrrr

It's Winter in Melbourne - and it's so brrrrr-chilly- that this graffitti artist thought to put a scarf on their Gameboy-wielding subject here... I like it - art which is not only thought-provoking but thoughtful, also*

Stay snug-as-a-bug but in style; like the lovely Nis pictured in today’s BusinessChic….not like me because on the first day of Winter, I was visiting my local $2 shop/variety store where I seriously considered buying a Snuggle Sleeve Blanket – a blanket with sleeves on it. The plan was that I could wear it while at my desk at work. It came in hues of mustard, some very light forest green and blue – but not just any blue – SMURF blue. Instead, I bought a pair of purple fairy wings because I decided it was the more practical purchase – we’re sidetracking here but-  tis more practical because I have been invited to a Lady Gaga-themed party this weekend and wish to incorporate some Eurovision ‘butterfly’ wings… … … In short: Purple fairy wings will not keep you warm in winter. Dressing like Smurfette is not workplace appropriate… at least not in my line of work. Polished hair, makeup and Contemporary Business Wear ensemble brightened up with a smart and colourful accessory is instead a very good start – check it. Xx Cheryl


jacket ?? top (green) ?? scarf Burberry skirt Tokito bag from Malaysia stockings ?? shoes ??

Bright accessories in quality fabrics will bring cheer to workwear ensembles for years to come.

My work dress style: I try for “contemporary business wear” and I feel that the most important thing is what makes you feel comfortable for the whole day. Note: Once hitting the office, I’d pop on a heel with this same outfit for extra formality – thoughts?

Cosmetics that perform well for me Barely Essential with SPF15 – I find that it looks natural.

My favoured dinner venue is Movida, authentic Spanish Tapas restaurant. I am from Malaysia and have tried a few places in Melbourne but haven’t been able to find the real taste of authentic Malaysian food here just yet.. any tips?

* I hope the artist does not mind but I have tweaked the colours here ever-so-slightly so that the subject is wearing a scarf in my footy team colours. “ for all and all for one…”

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