Travel Taschen



jacket It’s a 1964 US Navy issue (vintage) peacoat. With a little handy work I bothered to personalize the buttons — made of wood. shirt plain American Apparel dress shirt (breathable, which is important).  tie Paul Smith jeans Levis boots John Varvatos carry bag Vintage Italian scarf Kali Gibson luggage Oshkosh Trunks & Luggage

Travel tips – what to wear? I never like to wear too much when I’m traveling, but this case I had no choice. I was to fly to Melbourne for an interview, and go directly to the office once I touched down. That said, this is me packing light for a week in Melbourne. Wasn’t sure if the coat would be too much (rainy forecast noted), but it basically goes everywhere with me. I’m from San Francisco, so this peacoat is the all-round king of my closet.

Travel tips – entertainment? Well always pack good reading material, obviously I suppose. A paperback or a choice magazine usually does the trick, but considering I’m writing this from an iPad at the moment, I’d suggest every big traveler to at least be open to its practical offerings. Traveling for the past month now with one has saved me plenty of time and bother. BUT, I hate paying for Wi-fi… What else can I say? Oh, you might update your music playlists, so that you don’t get bored of your own music.   

These beautifully crafted boots were certainly made for walkin..

Other than that, enjoy your next take off.. The laws of physics are an amazing thing to break, and I still can’t get over the fact that humans collectively fly in these tremendous contraptions. Sets me back in awe every time. 

 – Thank you Domingo for taking the time to share thoughts and tips on travel! Xx Cheryl


  1. Domingo is one suave man! I adore the buttons on his coat and the gold keyring (?) on his bag. I like.

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