I love a coat and it’s great to see business blokes embrace the opportunity to invest in their smooth stylings like the gent in today’s post. Truly I am a fan of this lovely item which can be used in both workwear and leisure, gents may wish to refer to this vintage Business Chic post (we’ve had a style change since then..) for my thoughts on nice outerwear and dating:) Enjoy!~Xx Cheryl



frames from a specialist frames shop on the corner of Johnston and Smith streets jacket Emporio Armani shirt eton pants Hugo Boss socks Country Road shoes Aquila

These classic frames have an interesting colour thing going, not quite sure what to call it but I like their subtlety from afar ("reverse Monet?").

Lunch sandwich- ham tomato &cheese and fruit

a classic shoe in beautiful leather are a worthy investment, adding polish to any outfit. Make sure you put in maintenance effort to keep them so (i.e. polish)!

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