A Stroke of Genius

At Business Chic , I like to feature busy workers who show clever individual style within the confines of their workplace dresscodes; like the super-cool self-employed pharmacist featured in today’s post. I have come across a similarly smart initiative from the National Stroke Foundation (NSF) for their latest campaign Stroke of Genius which celebrates the brain!  NSF are hosting a competition throughout July where people can submit their ideas (their stroke of genius) to be voted on. Voting also raises funds – people donate when they vote – for the National Stroke Foundation (NSF).  So dear reader, if you also like fun and clever ideas, I highly recommend you click on the image below of the girl with the shoe~ GENIUS! And y’all know how much I like a good cause. NSF ends tomorrow. Xx Cheryl
Super-cool, entrepreunerial pharmacist exhibiting his Smart Casual.


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I love the 'tude this pharmacist exudes ~ it's all in the frames and works well with preppy and charming shirt.

Nima sports a merino wool cardigan whose epaulet detail smartens up this classic and cosy favourite which adds needed warmth in Winter.

A beautifully-designed classic-face watch. Smart accessories add schmick to one's workwear but are also a point for the wearer to themselves enjoy.

PS: Nima’s pharmacy is on the corner of Toorak and Chapel Streets ~ I highly recommend a gander at this unique pharmacy space whose super-cool gift lines also have an eye for style and design. Oh and Nima, the show I was telling you about is called, Breaking Bad 😛

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