Good Golly Miss Milly!

My oh my, what a week it has been!  

I’m living on display next week – State of Design Festival:  

That’s right! I’ve been busy preparing to live on display for two nights and one day  in the arkIT EcoStudio as part of the State of Design Festival  next week! If you are in Melbourne and have the time, please come visit me and my exciting new little side project (Three Chics) at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)/Malthouse Courtyard (111 Sturt Street, South Bank). We are on display for one full day (Wednesday July 14th), so stop by for a stickybeak and/or if you have a little workwear style which should be on BusinessChic; allow me to photograph you as it might otherwise be tricky for me to leave the house…  

And why the Turtle costume?  

Well I’m taking part in RunMelbourne and if I reach my target of $500 for charity FittedForWork, this is the runwear I’ll don for the cause! However, I am currently $100 short of my target! Can you help?  See more pictures and read about the adventure here in my first interview!  Or meet me at the EcoStudio at 1pm on Thursday July 14th for my lunchtime training run- thing is, we have to lap the house! 😛 

Taking time to grieve 

Someone in my life passed away earlier this week. And naturally the shock of his loss has been immense. So I made the time to see a counsellor and found speaking with an objective and professional person extremely helpful as I got some good tips on how to work through the stages of grief whilst continuing to function at work! I hope that in your time of need, you will reach out too. 

Good News.. 

…is just around the corner and hitting a magazine stand near you this coming Monday – watch out! 😀 

So in the spirit of a busy week, here is Milly.  I found her youthful combination of vertically-stripey shirt with horizontally-stripey scarf much fun and like the bohemian spirit she’s added to her Contemporary Business Wear ensemble by way of suede work boots. What joie de vivre!- Happy & Safe Weekend!~ Xx Cheryl 



 scarf & suit Portmans tights Target boots Country Road bag I got this from Bali  

A preppy chic workwear ensemble is brightened up with classic bag in a lovely rich hue. Makeup note: Cosmetics- Milly likes M.A.C cosmetics for the office and her Clinique bronzer.

For her work lunches, Milly likes to take in fruit and leftovers.  

A pair of black ballet flats or pumps are a more formal choice but I do love how this pair of classic suede boots adds endless exuberance - a workwear delight!


  1. chain store chic! love it.. proves you don’t have to buy labels to look good, it’s how you put it all together.

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