I want to be a Papillionaire

..or ride one at least ! Papillionaire is a Melbourne based bicycle company designing new, affordable Dutch style bicycles for Australia and the World. I had the pleasure of playing with one of these babies on a Saturday morning and meeting the Papillionaires themselves. Check out their website for more details, I’m planning on taking some friends over this coming Sat; hope to see you there! Xx Cheryl

Nicola, Alan & JayZ of Papillionaire

earrings a souvenir from Israel necklace from an antique store armadale jacket Jigsaw top mela purdi skirt tailor made stockings Target boots Zomp

Add sweet to your workwear by way of old-world charms These boots add business to this Smart Casual ensemble.

Girl with a fab pearl earring...

These boots add business to this Smart Casual ensemble.


Alan ~ a self-employed creative entrepreneur, sets his own dresscode.

jacket Clio Coddle (bought in China)  tshirt  hand-me-down, this is dads and is from the 80s jumper arvust jeans DrDenim shoes adidas

PS: A little shout-out to the wonderful team at Outpost, thanks for the deliciousness!

Btw, from hereon I'm nicknaming Paul, the Muffin Master. His muffins are so ridiculously delicious that it makes time on the Thigh Master afterwards, completely worthwhile. 😛

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