Today’s post features my Dad. I have lots of terms of endearment for my Dad; one of which is “Pop”, which for me is a variation on “Pa”. Thing is, Dad calls my mother, “Pop”, as well. For 20+ years while I thought it a little strange, I never thought to question why… but it all came out when we were at the European Masters Exhibition at the NGV the other week. While viewing a painting of  Eugenie Bandell’s Japanese Dolls with Apples Japanische Puppen mit Äpfeln (1915), Dad said ” Doll is ‘Puppe’ in German and ‘Pop’ in Dutch; that’s why I call your mother, Pop”. Alles klar Vater. ~ Xx Cheryl


 coat I bought this when we were in Shanghai pants Jack Nicklaus shoes I got these in Florence

Simple chic lines and the high neck is a stylish but practical way to keep out the winter cold.

I love classic items in interesting textures and these croc-skins are made extra schmick via added studs... They remind me of how when I was in primary school, rather than getting me the standard t-bars which all the other girls had (and which I of course then, wanted), Dad insisted on getting me different shoes from some Italian cobbler he found. They were hand-made and I do remember the feel of how nice and soft the leather felt... I'm a little sad that I didn't appreciate them more at the time...Thanks Pop.

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