Sunshine on a Grey Day

On bare-tree grey winter days, it’s easy to feel just like that on the inside..  and so I did, until I caught sight of Daniel’s Smart Casual ray of sunshine on my way to the European Master’s exhibition at the NGV ..where I swear I almost plucked an apple from the springy greenness of Daubigny’s The Orchard (le verger, 1876).  one word describes them all; joy. ~ Cheryl


jacket I got this from an op shop jumper this one was from an op shop in Japan shirt I borrowed this from my brother belt Camberwell Markets bag Japanese department store jeans these are girls ones from Target shoes from my housemate, we did a trade… 
I love how that golden sunshine of a jumper stands out in the Melbourne greyness of Winter…

yellow = sunshine. It's ok I forgot too so am glad to be reminded of what a joyful difference, colour makes!

Daniel loves to buy his work lunches, his favourite being Indian.

The front-runner for BusinessChic's classicly Creative Chronicle of time (2nd time in 2 weeks, this has been a watch of choice) ~ Casio

Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your workrobe?
My leather belt, which was purchased from Camberwell Market. I’ve been wearing it for the last two years and my pants haven’t fallen down yet. It’s made from a beautiful piece of cow-hide, and I plan on enjoying it for many years to come.

Favourite shops/brands/websites for workwear?
Whilst living in Okazaki City, Japan, I found refuge from the rain one day in a small second hand clothes store called ‘Id’.  It was an accidental discovery, and a wonderful one! The charming girl who ran the store kept me in good stead for the rest of my time there.

A reliable tailor you can recommend?
Lakes Alterations across the road from Camberwell Station. I love that man!


  1. Daniel can be seen warming the cockels of many a heart in Melbourne indie rock band The Smoke.

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