A Chance to Show Flair

Friday. Most people take the chance to dress down. And usually, so do I. But sometimes, just sometimes, I like to use this more lax dresscode day to go to town on a look.. to risk being a little OTT and seeing how far I can push the sartorial envelope… Keeping it all professional of course (it is the workplace, please never forget that) but I see Fridays as a chance to show flair. Much, I suspect, like the homme here who has taken a Corporate suit and added some sharp individual styling. Impressive but a suit that stands out from the crowd.  Perfect for heading out after work for drinks in a dimly lit Melbourne bar. Not long now. Happy Friday all! Xx Cheryl

Dare to show flair

A sharp way for gents to show style ~ via coiffure and shirt-tie combo.

Lace-ups are the perfect anchor for an all-out look. Take care to keep polished just in case more traditional types eye you up and down, I find that polished shoes keeps them at bay 😉

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