A Textured Tuesday

So when photographing a featuree for Business Chic, I sometimes choose to break the ice by sharing that I am an Auditor. For the very first time, the featuree said, “me too!”  As it turns out, the Polished featuree here today works in my old workplace! Oh Melbourne, it is a small world afterall!   Xx Cheryl


I much like how Kimberley has added shape to her textured jacket via belt with lovely floral detail. Don't be afraid to belts to cinch in workwear for a Polished look and feminine silhouette.

Few things quite say "polished" as well as Prada... ! I also like the play of textures between Kimberley's jacket and bag; very versatile items that would work well in the office and at play.

A perfect pair of workwear pumps. Good quality shoes are imperative to completing a professional ensemble and in my own experience, far more comfortable to walk in too!


  1. I love this! You auditors sure got style!

  2. Love her jacket – texture looks great up close!

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