Business Chic ~ a retrospective

Recently, we at Business Chic celebrated our first six months and first 100 posts! I say “we” as while I produce the words and photos you see here, Business Chic would not be what it is without the help, patience and technical/in-person support of my family and friends. From the Business Chic business cards to cameras I’ve borrowed to words I have used, everything here has been influenced in some way by my loved ones. I even receive phonecalls throughout the day/evening with constructive feedback on how to make the site or our Facebook better. And for such care and engagement, I am grateful. And naturally, “we” also extends to you, Business Chic-izen, for your visits and where possible, comments! Your visits, keep me inspired. I figure that if Business Chic-izens visit seven days a week; the least I can do is post up some goodness for five of those days!  So to celebrate our first six months and first one hundred posts AND to coincide with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week for which I will be a roving street style photographer for Melbourne Street Fashion, I am holding a retrospective on the photos which for me particularly encapsulate the spirit of Business Chic. I hope that you enjoy these memories, have your say and join us for the ride to come! For I believe we’re only coming up to the fun bit 😉 Xx Cheryl


  1. PS: Happy 175th Birthday Melbourne! We hope that you enjoy the Business Chic captured on your suave streets and fair laneways and look forward to more to come! Xx

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