Just One Blick (Two Blokes)

A timeless and gentlemanly take on Smart Casual. Says it all really. Xx Cheryl

Adam & Steven

coat Beat Poet flannel shirt Cheap Monday cardigan Alpha 60 pants Dr Denim boots RM Williams
Steven coat Mitchell’s German airforce coat from ’66 shirt the untitled shop neckerchief op shop jumper ben sherman trousers vanishing elephant shoes I bought these from Hunter Gatherer, the brand is Clarks

Coiffure styling achieved with Hair Formula 3 by Herr Blick

For lunch, Adam likes to buy the tofu curry from don don.

Publications Adam likes: monocle, Another Man.

Classic RM Williams keeps one warm ~ hail, rain or shine.


I like how Steven has dressed up a simple shirt and vneck combo by adding this striped neckerchief.

 Steven likes to procure his lunch from the Captains of Industry cafe, special mention goes to a sandwich of chorizo, cheese&olives

Much like this Tessa Blazey ring.

At the time of being snapped for Business Chic, Steven was working on his haircare range ~ a prototype of Herr Blick but noted that he likes the moisturizer by Grown.
Publication that Steven likes? The Chap, a publication from the UK.

Warm caramel tones, add a nice touch to the blues of Steven's gentlemanly take on Smart Casual.

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