Lunchtime Catch Ups

Whilst scouting for Business Chic around the city at lunchtime, I was touched to see all the catch-ups taking place around me. The duo featured here allowed me to interrupt such a catch up so I could capture a classic Corporate look and Polished Creative. Xx Cheryl

Melbourne's GPO

Fabulous display of Creative colour-stacking has inspired me to do the same (albeit in a different hue)! When displaying Creative in the workplace, this is a perfect study in how Polished grooming and accessories are imperative to keep your appearance professional.

A stylish carry-all in patent is perfect way to add polish to a Corporate ensemble

I am a big believer in comfortable shoes ~ especially after a podiatrist pointed out how my high-heels have been wreaking havoc on my feet. Ballet flats are comfy, chic and keep you close to the ground which is important when strolling around the city and catching up with friends.


  1. Found you on twitter ,wonderful blog ,keep posting

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