Mighty Angus

The weekend just gone past brought much hydration to the drought-stricken city of Melbourne; to the extent that there were flooding warnings in the south-east. I hope you all had a safe weekend are ready for an eclectic week of Business Chic where we start off with a Corporate gentleman whose coiffure is a nod to Lt. Aldo Raine of Inglourious Basterds ! Xx Cheryl

Sunshine after the storm...



suit Herringbone shirt New & Lingwood (London) tie Zegna belt Andersens shoes Country Road watch longines

I like this subtle shirt & tie combo which plays nicely on the blue tones in Angus' Herringbone suit.

Angus’ worklunches of choice are gluten-free which means sashimi or soup.

I am a big fan of signet rings- to me they are the epitome of classic; conveying a sense of history and a unique story...

Suede shoes undoubtedly add texture to one's outfit. In wet weather, make sure to keep yours protected with waterproof spray and where possible out of the rain!

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