My friend, the artist

This is my friend Liyen. We met five years ago at Art Basel. Liyen is now an artist. I can google her first name and the auto-thing-thing brings up her website. Great SEO or great Art~ you be the judge! While I do have a bias (the latter of course!) I know that I also love the full volumes this Creative sports in a self-made outfit. And not to mention the sheer beauty one emanates when pursuing one’s passion; ciao bella! Thank you for keeping me inspired 🙂 Xx Cheryl


Liyen ~ unfortunately for me, not a technically brilliant shot by any means but one I hope that shows the lovely silhouette Liyen's achieved with her creation.

hair Lucy Vincent cape, shawl&bag Liyen Chong jeans Grab Denim boots Mini Cooper


A study in layering that speaks volumes about this artist's fine eye.

Makeup note: NARS Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

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