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While some days might feel like  just ‘another day; another dollar’,  Maleik here reminded me of the detail in the every day that makes each and every one of those days ~ an utter delight. Life is what you make it.


frames Dita suit & shirt tailor tie one of my dad’s shoes Ben Sherman

Perfectly polished shirt and tie combo are given serious style cred by way of too cool frames. I'd love to see Don Draper sporting these Dita's...

  * Describe your work dress style

I am my father’s son. One of the most important life lessons learnt from my dad was, “You can’t go wrong with bespoke tailoring son”. My work attire is the “Clark Kent” side of my style allowing me to experiment with outfits outside the luxury that is casual Friday.

    * Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your workrobe?

My ‘coming of age’ gold watch I got from my parents when I turned 21.

Smokin' bespoke~ Maleik has had his tailor embroider his name on the cuffs of his tailor-made shirts. The charm this detail injects into Maleik's ensemble is for me; off the charts and simply, pure sartorial joy.

    * Your inspirations for work attire/style?

I think this sums it up aptly : “We were sewn from the soul and the streets were out seamstress… Tailoring these garments to fit unique style, character and life. Pay homage to men of old who did it with a style so cold.” Joe-Kenneth Musuea (Sewn from the Soul)

 * Publications/sites you like for updates in your industry or just find interesting?

Ben Sherman’s a personal favourite of mine when it comes to classic shoes for men – albeit with individual flair. Here caramel tan perfectly anchors the blues and polished suit of this stylish gent.



  1. I love this look, this man looks very polished and funky. I’ve noticed that white collar + blue shirt garment on a few office workers in Sydney but this is the best I’ve seen.
    When are you coming to Sydney? 😛

    • Thanks Ladies! I love Table Tonic’s work so very excited to have her send out such a nice tweet! Sydney ~ I am actually planning a weekend trip in September/October; might look into staying longer to capture some workwear..

  2. I just found your blog via Table Tonic’s tweets and love it!

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