Two by Two

Melbourne’s torrential rains this week could have one forgiven for thinking that they might need to book their seat on Noah’s Ark; in which I’d grab my closest galpal (the rest of my family having been paired up!). I love the camaraderie of these two gals who reminded me of the close-knit group of friends we are sometimes just fortunate enough to form in our workplaces. Indeed, I could have otherwise titled this post “as thick as thieves”! Xx Cheryl

Kylie & Chantal


FROM KYLIE: (Wearing flats)
Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your workrobe?
A long sleeved black top that goes with everything and a pair of black patterned stockings I bought in London 4 years ago which are still in perfect condition, I wear them at least once a week in winter.

Your hairdresser/colourist/stylist?
My hairdresser is my best friend in Brisbane – she is the only person I trust and I always wait until I’m up there for a cut or change

Your favoured coffee source?
BEST coffee in Melbourne is from my local coffee shop in East Melbourne on Wellington Parade called ‘Espresso Extraction’.


FROM CHANTAL: (Wearing heels)

Favourite shops/ brands for work wear?
LOVE Kookai for work wear (or casual/ going out wear!) and LOVE Tony Bianco shoes

Most hardworking accessory or item of clothing in your wardrobe?
My black coat that I wear every single day during the Winter- couldn’t get through the season without it!

Favourite coffee source?
Used to be Kazbar on Chapel St (two second walk from our office) when Frenchie worked there but now he has gone back to France and we are devastated!

Oh and PS: Congratulations to my neighbours Penguin Books on their 75th Birthday! You can join in the party here.

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