You don’t have to be rich

” …to rule my world” ~ Kiss, Prince (Prince logo.svg)
We jump now to June where I photographed Pieter here for Smart Start. I entitled this post such for two reasons.

Xx Cheryl

The first and most important reason is that the Business Chic featured here reinforces my deep-seated belief that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look polished; Pieter sports a trench which he picked up from an op shop and I adore how the blue checked lining adds a charming character to his Corporate.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love fashion and its whirlwind; I look forward to sharing with you creations shown by our local design talent at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week that can be incorporated into our workwear. However, I rather relish the sport and resourcefulness of trying to develop an eye for the shapes and fabrics to incorporate into one’s look. Please refer inset, for my take. I realise this look isn’t for all! When starting out, I advocate sticking to the classics, like the trench Pieter’s picked out here; however make sure you try on things that you normally wouldn’t/might be too shy to try on in front of an attentive sales assistant and see whether YOU think it’s really you and how you might be able to work it. Because that’s where the personal style button kicks in. Oh and the second reason why I thought this was “smart” was because Pieter was our real estate agent and I put him to good work. House taken care of, I kicked into it “So Pieter, I take photos of people on their way to work…” 😀 Xx Cheryl



 trench picked this up at an op shop – bargain too! suit Satch shirt William Cheng & Sons  tie Endy Cott Classic belt Carnival de Venise shoes Batsanis   

Colourful tie enlivens a classic but neutral trench.

Black patent leather adds smarts but also serves a practical function in the rain!

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