A Hat and Checkers!

Today we feature a gentleman who was leaving the Melbourne Town Hall red carpet when I slid over (it was raining…) to capture his Polished Contemporary Business Wear style. I’ve had to reduce the size of this image as we had a few issues with the lighting but still find this ensemble so very stylin’, it’s one that could’ve come straight off the catwalk! Xx Cheryl

A dapper gent

While not as common in our casual-leaning contemporary Australian culture, hats do add such charm and are handy to shield one from the rain or sun on the commute to and from the office...

Love the contrast of patterns and textures here - checkered pattern in the trousers and the croc travel bag.

While the close-up shot (Photo 2) reveals that the gent here is wearing a two piece checkered suit, I like the way it comes up in the first photo; downplay a busy pattern with a block colour or in this case shade of black. That said, for some reason I'm thinking that afterhours, it'd be much fun to see the blazer in a pop of colour, perhaps like this one I spotted at Jack London. One the Creative types could sport with aplomb but rather outlandish for more conservative environs, for now...


  1. Josh Millowick says

    I had only been in melb for 2hrs then snap! these were taken nice work cheryl that’s fast.

  2. He is cute. And great clothes!

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